Could It Be? Millennials Are The New Generation Of Hippies, But With Better Weed | Elite Daily

The Beatles are as popular as ever, Volkswagen vans are back in, and hippies have just become hipsters. Black rights have become gay rights, women’s liberation is now Jezebel, and Vietnam is Iraq. LSD goes by acid, ecstasy is called Molly, and bud is still very much bud.

Carol King goes by Lana Del Ray, Janis Joplin is known as Amy Winehouse, and John Mayer likes to think he’s Bob Dylan. Woodstock is Coachella, Burning Man and Bonnaroo. Vinyl are still vinyl and record stores are what is now Urban Outfitters. And JFK is most definitely Obama.

It’s time we stopped talking about the 60s as the golden years of America because, as your history teacher once poignantly explained, history is cyclical. My fellow Millennials, we are very much the generation of the flower power.

It’s a time of rock and roll, drugs and freedom of expression. It’s defying our parents’ idea of a “real” job, inhabiting dirty studio apartments and attending festivals by the sea. It’s parkas made from alpaca wool, kale chips and lots of cocaine. It’s the f*cking 60s, man!

Could It Be? Millennials Are The New Generation Of Hippies, But With Better Weed | Elite Daily.


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