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Las Vegas Best Burgers

Las Vegas Best Burgers  –  Best Burgers in Las Vegas


Flipping Off Police Officers Constitutional, Federal Court Affirms

WASHINGTON — A police officer can’t pull you over and arrest you just because you gave him the finger, a federal appeals court declared Thursday.

In a 14-page opinion, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ruled that the “ancient gesture of insult is not the basis for a reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation or impending criminal activity.”

John Swartz and his wife Judy Mayton-Swartz had sued two police officers who arrested Swartz in May 2006 after he flipped off an officer who was using a radar device at an intersection in St. Johnsville, N.Y. Swartz was later charged with a violation of New York’s disorderly conduct statute, but the charges were dismissed on speedy trial grounds.

A federal judge in the Northern District of New York granted summary judgement to the officers in July 2011, but the Court of Appeals on Thursday erased that decision and ordered the lower court to take up the case again.

Flipping Off Police Officers Constitutional, Federal Court Affirms.

Las Vegas Best Breakfast

A Marijuana Lubricant That Gives You a 15-Minute Climax

Women, their partners, and in general, marijuana lovers of are in luck. Foria was born to satisfy their cannabic sensual desires, thanks to the imagination of Mathew Gerson and the ‘Aphrodite Group’ collective. It is a lubricant designed to delight females of all kinds.

A Marijuana Lubricant That Gives You a 15-Minute Climax

According to Gerson’ definition, this is the “first personal lubricant with marijuana designed for female pleasure and to achieve natural, euphoric pleasure”. It comes in a small bottle, like the best perfumes, and costs less than 86 dollars. Its uses and effects are more than interesting.

The idea was conceived in California by a group of medical marijuana patients and caregivers whose main objective was to ensure that cannabis access was offered in a high-quality, safe way. Furthermore, they have the mission to empower women to access pleasure and well-being through natural therapies.

A Marijuana Lubricant That Gives You a 15-Minute Climax | Earth. We are one..

BREAKING NEWS>>>>WHITE CASTLE is coming to Las Vegas

The first White Castle restaurant on the West Coast is confirmed for Las Vegas. The Casino Royale resort is the lucky landlord.

The northern corner of the officially named Best Western Plus Casino Royale is currently a construction site, rapidly building a 26,500-square-foot, two-story, $9 million addition that will house a new Walgreen’spharmacy on the ground floor and the return of the nation’s most popularDenny’s restaurant.

New permit applications filed by the casino seek permission for a raft of new signs to be added to the building, including nine walls signs, one on the roof, two that will be animated with flashing lights and one for “a future White Castle restaurant.”

Notoriously tight-lipped and privately owned, White Castle had no reaction to Eater Vegas’ initial reveal of their Vegas plans, despite the veracity of the inside tip.

Confirmed: White Castle Is Coming to the Las Vegas Strip – Eater Tracking – Eater Vegas.

James Garner — Cause of Death …………

A massive heart attack killed actor James Garner.

According to the death certificate — obtained by TMZ — Garner died from acute myocardial infarction. 

“The Rockford Files” star died July 19 at his Los Angeles home.

The death certificate says Garner — who also starred in “The Notebook” — suffered from coronary artery disease.

Garner was one of the first stars to become mega-successful on both TV and in the movies.  Among his many achievements … “Maverick” — a massive TV hit from 1957 – 1962.  He co-starred with Mel Gibson in the big screen version in ’94.

James Garner — Cause of Death … Fatal Heart Attack |

BREAKING NEWS: Whiney B*tch, Kanye West, Announces He’ll Leave The United States Because Of Racism >>WE’LL HELP YOU PACK!!

Whiney Bitch Kanye West, crying about Racist United States.

Yep, the United States is so racist that Kanye West was able to become a multi-multi millionaire here. He probably does need to travel more to find out how little racism affects success in the United States compared to most of the rest of the world. This reminds me of when Johnny Depp said he and his family were moving to Paris, France because the United States was too violent. Then the reality of Muslim riots in Paris with many cars being burned each night set in. Remember that? Yeah, after a few years Depp moved back to the States. Kanye West leaving the U.S. because it is so racist? The U.S. is so racist that it allows you to come and go as you please on your own private jet Kanye. What an elitist ignoramus.

BREAKING: Kanye West Announces He’ll Leave The United States Because Of Racism | The Minority Report Blog.

The Clean Cup Sanitizes Your Beer Pong Balls, Saving Germaphobes Everywhere

For every beer-drinking, competitive game-playing, class-skipping student there’s a solution to sticky beer pong balls.

The Clean Cup is every undergraduate’s wet dream.

This Kickstarter is a portable, battery-operated device that uses “a combination of a high pressure stream of water and bursts of air to ensure full cleaning coverage,” which lasts only five seconds.

So if your opponents are the antsy type, who wait to miss their next shot, let them know it won’t be long.

The Clean Cup features “a removable and reusable filter to catch all of those nasties and unwanted chunks that are rinsed off your dirty balls.”

Despite the practicality of The Clean Cup, there’s no actual disinfecting or scrubbing involved. But, if you’re a germaphobe you probably shouldn’t be playing beer pong anyway.

The Clean Cup Sanitizes Your Beer Pong Balls, Saving Germaphobes Everywhere.

Hate Parking Tickets? Fixed Is The Amazing New App That Will Help You Dispute Them

Let’s face it, if you drive a car in basically any major American city, parking is an enormous pain.

Sometimes it seems far more appealing to walk five miles in the blistering heat of summer than it does to drive, as driving involves the headache-inducing search for a parking space.

Everyone has been through this scenario.

You arrive at your destination only to find that there are no spaces available, and you have to drive around for another 20 minutes looking. Sometimes you find a spot only to realize that there isn’t enough space for you to parallel park, or there is street sweeping on that specific day during those specific hours and your car will be towed… The agony.

Even if you do find a legal spot you can fit in, you might have forgotten change for the meter and you don’t have service so your phone can’t download the parking app that lets you pay via credit card.

Plain and simple, parking sucks, and often leads to a number of tickets, which most of us can’t afford.

Ultimately, the majority of us often end up paying the ticket, figuring that contesting it would be too much of a hassle. If you’re under that impression, you’re wrong.

David Hegarty and DJ Burdick cofounded Fixed last year to help people dispute their parking tickets. At one point, Hegarty received five parking tickets in three weeks, and although he knew how to successfully contest his tickets, many of his friends were not privy to the same information.

Hate Parking Tickets? Fixed Is The Amazing New App That Will Help You Dispute Them.

The World’s Most Bizarre Aircraft Graveyards

Where do aircraft go to rust away after death? Often, their final resting places are more emotionally evocative than human cemeteries.

The World’s Most Bizarre Aircraft Graveyards.

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