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Houston Rockets As*hole Player Stomps Homeless Man

Someone needs to stomp on this Fucktard’s leg and put him down for awhile. 
See how the Asshole likes it!
ESPN FOX Sports 
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Snowden right about Microsoft re-Programming Skype to allow Eavesdropping

Well, it seems he Was right about Microsoft’s Skype being reprogrammed to allow NSA eavesdropping. Microsoft Skype Lying F*cks!
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Sin Ride Of the Day

Sin Ride Of the Day

Sin Ride Of The Day

Las Vegas Best Pizza

Las Vegas Best Pizza

Las Vegas Best Pizza

The Best Pizza in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Best Pizza.

App Will Direct Sports Fans to Shortest Beer and Bathroom Lines

It’s the classic sports spectator’s conundrum: You’re at the game and want to get another beer, but you’re worried you’ll miss too much action while in line behind fellow fans who also share equal affection for both booze and ball.

Sin Babe Of The Day

Sin Babe Of The Day

Sin Babe Of The Day

NSA F**k Off: Coming Soon Open Source Encryption for People Like Me

Encryption is not fun and easy. I fooled around a bit the Pretty Good Privacy and found it frustrating and complicated to use. Fortunately, Edward Snowden’s revelations of just how intrusive the national security surveillance state is has now provoked efforts to create user friendly encryption. 

SIM Card Flaw Opens Millions of Phones to Attack

Even though it’s one of the simplest components in a cellphone, older SIM cards are still vulnerable to attack, leaving approximately 750 million users one exploit away from being compromised, according to German security researcher Karsten Nohl.

Sin Ride Of The Day

Sin Ride Of The Day

Ferrari 612 GTO

Hooters Wants America To Eat A Million Wings For National Chicken Wing Day Read

Today is National Chicken Wing Day, which means that restaurants across the country will offer specials on wings.

One of those restaurants is Hooters, which is offering a $12.99 all-you-can-eat wing deal and challenging Americans to consume a million wings.


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