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After Failing with Hot Dogs & first Angry Whopper, Burger King’s red bun wants to sizzle your face off with another Angry Whopper

If you can’t stand the heat, stay outta Burger King.

The burger chain announced its “Angriest Whopper” on Tuesday, a follow up to the restaurant’s previous “Angry Whopper,” a burger so fiery it apparently needed a successor.

The newest edition has a red bun with hot sauce baked right in, flaming onion petals, spicy angry sauce and jalapeños, making this the spiciest option Burger King has created.

“This alarmingly delicious burger is sure to disprove the commonly held belief that a sequel is never as good as the original,” says the company.

Source: Burger King’s red bun wants to sizzle your face off


>>WHO GIVES A SHIT? Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager charged with battery for grabbing CryBaby reporter’s arm


Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged with simple battery in Florida on Tuesday, following an incident in March when he allegedly grabbed a female reporter’s arm.

Former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields filed a complaint alleging Lewandowski grabbed her arm during a Trump campaign event in Florida. Both Trump and Lewandowski denied her allegation.

Lewandowski claimed the incident never happened and said he had never even met Fields.

But the Jupiter Police Department released surveillance footage that appeared to directly contradict Lewandowski’s claims.

In the footage, Lewandowski can be seen grabbing Fields’ arm.

Source: Trump campaign manager charged with battery for grabbing reporter’s arm

This is your chance to drink beer around the world, and get paid doing it

Some interns get their bosses coffee. Now there’s an internship for those who just want to get themselves beer.

World of Beer, a franchise pub, is offering three lucky people the chance to travel around the world and drink beer. The position is called Drink It Intern (get it?).

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For those that brag about their social media presence on UnTappd, the position seems ideal.

The three interns will write blog and social media posts, travel to breweries and beer festivals around the world and make videos about beer. Basically it’s all beer and social media. All the time. Well, part-time.

Successful applicants should be outgoing, friendly, eager to share and lovers of beer — AKA anybody after a few pints.

But unlike a lot of internships, this position is actually paid. It’s $12,000 plus room, board and travel expenses. Applicants don’t need to be eligible for college credit, just over 21.

Source: This is your chance to drink beer around the world, and get paid doing it

Hulk Hogan Body-Slams worthless rag Gawker 

The Florida jury that awarded Hulk Hogan $115 million last week was given a measure about the depth of the defendants’ pockets.

When those six jurors returned to a St. Petersburg, Florida, courtroom on Monday afternoon for the punitive damages phase of Hogan’s invasion of privacy trial, they were asked to consider the net worth of Gawker Media, its founder Nick Denton and former editor A.J. Daulerio.

For the company, that’s $83 million, and for Denton, the figure is $121 million, Judge Pamela Campbell told the jurors. Daulerio was determined to have no assets, but did have $27,000 in student loans.

The jury of four women and two men determined on Friday that Gawker Media should pay Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, $115 million for violating his privacy by publishing excerpts from his sex tape in 2012.

Hogan sued Gawker Media, Denton and Daulerio. Attorneys for the former professional wrestler argued that he suffered as a result of Gawker’s post.

Source: Hulk Hogan judge says Gawker founder Nick Denton is worth $121 million – Mar. 21, 2016


MORE and OBS, two groups funded by George Soros, advertised money available for people willing to travel to protest (@organizemo is the twitter account of MORE):

joe prich


Caterpillar only cares about bottom line, Screws Employees, announces production line move from to Mexico 

Caterpillar Inc. has announced the company will move forward with a plan that includes the loss of 230 jobs from the Joliet plant and the move of two production lines to Mexico, according to a company statement released Friday.

The announcement comes just two months after the company first went public about a possible move from the Joliet area. A decision was expected by this month.

“The company has since completed all analysis and determined to remain cost competitive, it must move forward with the transition,” the statement read.

Under the plan, the company’s production of gear and engine oil pumps and valves will be moved to a sister plant in Monterrey, Mexico. The transition out of Joliet and into Mexico is expected to begin in late 2016 and be complete by mid-2018.

Source: Caterpillar announces production line moves from Joliet to Mexico | Independent Film, News and Media

7-Eleven Bring-Your-Own-Cup Day 

7-Eleven is letting customers bring their own cups from home to fill with Slurpees for a two-day promotion on March 18 and 19.

The promotion will run from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on both days.

Mixing bowls, plastic hats, and tea pots are among the eligible kinds of Slurpee vessels during the promotion, according to the convenience store chain.

Trash cans and inflatable pools will not be accepted, however.

The cup “must fit upright through an in-store display with a 10-inch-diameter hole,” the company says.

The drink will cost $1.50, regardless of the size of the container. This is about the cost of amedium Slurpee.

Here’s a picture of the in-store display:


Source: 7-Eleven bring-your-own-cup day – Business Insider

Can You Guess the Celebrity Cleavage?

Today’s celebrity cleavage belongs to a 26 year old singer/songwriter born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.

She earned a musical scholarship to attend Florida A&M University, but eventually switched her major to Biology, and even toyed with becoming a nurse. It has been said that although she never quit singing, she did not want to major in music.

After she graduated college, she decided to make music her primary focus – touring in Asia for several months as a singer with a Memphis orchestra. Upon returning to Memphis, she took an office job, and then sales job after that, where she didn’t do much but sit around in a cubicle all day and sing.

Realizing the 9-to-5 office life was not for her, she created a MySpace page and within a week caught the attention of a production company in Atlanta, Georgia.

Seeing an opportunity for her big break, she moved to Atlanta, but did not secure a record deal until two years later.

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Source: Can You Guess the Celebrity Cleavage?

Tom Brady’s New Contract Has ‘Deflategate’ Protection 

Tom Brady’s latest contract extension with the New England Patriots is designed to protect his bank account if a federal appeals court decides to reinstate his “Deflategate” suspension. The two-year, $41 million contract extension contains drastic reductions to Brady’s base salary for the 2016 and 2017 seasons, meaning the amount of money he’ll lose during a suspension is significantly smaller.
Brady’s new contract, finalized when the NFL’s 2016 league year officially began on Wednesday, lowered his base salary from $9 million in 2016 and $10 million in 2017 to $1 million in each year, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. To make up the difference, Brady received a $28 million, fully-guaranteed signing bonus.

Source: Tom Brady’s New Contract Has ‘Deflategate’ Protection | Fox Business

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