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Eating ‘everything in moderation’ is not best advice says Nutrition Scientist

We’ve all heard the axiom that everything is OK in moderation.

But nutrition science doesn’t really agree with this saying. A cookie here, a salad there — turns out that’s not quite the same as actually being healthy.

Dr. David Ludwig, a Harvard Medical School nutrition and obesity expert, talked to Tech Insider about what scientifically sound dieting looks like. His book, “Always Hungry?” outlines an evidence-based eating plan that focuses on what you eat — not just how much.

Ludwig called the moderation mantra “useless.”

He said:

There [are] some things you [should] eat a lot of, and I would put things like olive oil, avocado, nuts in that category. There are other things you [should] really minimize, especially if you’re dealing with pre-diabetes or some other metabolic problem. You don’t want to go moderate with sugar — whatever that means. You want to get rid of as much of it as you can.

Source: Eating ‘everything in moderation’ is not best advice – Business Insider


The firm that handled Fantasy Sports payments just Dumped DraftKings and FanDuel

FanDuel and DraftKings, the two embattled titans of the daily sports betting world have just lost a vital and potentially game-ending, component to their operations, according to a report by the New York Times.

Vantiv Entertainment Solutions, which provided payment processing for both firms, has decided to “suspend all processing for payment transactions” related to fantasy sports, the NYT reports.

Vantiv handled wagers and payouts, essential parts of the companies’ sportsbetting infrastructure.

Source: Payment processing firm cuts ties DraftKings and FanDuel – Business Insider

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Hillary Clinton Faces Possible Espionage Charges

Hillary 1

Hillary Clinton’s nightmare is not the sudden resurgence of Bernie Sanders. It is the fidelity to the rule of law of the FBI.

The recent revelations of the receipt by Clinton of a Special Access Program email, as well as cut and pasted summaries of state secrets on her server and on her BlackBerry nearly guarantee that the FBI will recommend that the Department of Justice convene a grand jury and seek her indictment for espionage.

Here is the backstory.

It seems that every week, more information comes to light about Clinton’s grave legal woes. Her worries are in two broad categories: One is her well-documented failure to safeguard state secrets and the other is her probable use of her position as secretary of state to advance financially her husband’s charitable foundation.

The FBI is currently and aggressively investigating both. What I will describe below is in the state secrets category. It is apparently not new to the FBI, but it is new to the public.

Among the data that the FBI either found on the Clinton server or acquired from the State Department via its responses to Freedom of Information Act requests is a top-secret email that has been denominated Special Access Program. Top secret is the highest category of state secrets (the other categories are confidential and secret), and of the sub-parts of top secret, SAP is the most sensitive.

Source: Hillary Clinton Faces Possible Espionage Charges

79 Old Woman Electrocuted By Faulty “Dildo” After Falling Asleep With The Device Inside Her | ACE876 NEWS

CALIFORNIA – A 79-year-old woman, Harlen Green, was found unresponsive in her Beverly Hills home after an unfortunate incident with a “personal massager.” The woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she was revived and treated for her injuries. According to medical report, Green was unresponsive for nearly 5 minutes.

According to reports, Green’s daughter called 911 after she was unable to get a hold of her mother. Police were able to access the house where they found the elderly woman half dressed, with the device still inside her. Green had electrocution marks that ran up her stomach and down her arms. EMTs removed the bloody device and turned it over to investigators.

After recovering, Green told investigators that she likes to “give herself a little massage now and then” to ease her loneliness. “I haven’t had a man friend in my life for a really long time,” Green told police. “So I started to collect personal massagers. I have a Smoothie V, Pocket Rocket, 2 in One, at least 10

Source: 79 Old Woman Electrocuted By Faulty “Dildo” After Falling Asleep With The Device Inside Her | ACE876 NEWS

License Plate Readers Are Turning Police Into Mobile Debt Collectors And Data Miners, collecting location data on parked vehicles

Vigilant Solutions, one of the country’s largest brokers of vehicle surveillance technology, is offering a hell of a deal to law enforcement agencies in Texas: a whole suite of automated license plate reader (ALPR) equipment and access to the company’s massive databases and analytical tools—and it won’t cost the agency a dime.

Even though the technology is marketed as budget neutral, that doesn’t mean no one has to pay. Instead, Texas police fund it by gouging people who have outstanding court fines and handing Vigilant all of the data they gather on drivers for nearly unlimited commercial use.

ALPR refers to high-speed camera networks that capture license plate images, convert the plate numbers into machine-readable text, geotag and time-stamp the information, and store it all in database systems. EFF has long been concerned with this technology, because ALPRs typically capture sensitive location information on all drivers—not just criminal suspects—and, in aggregate, the information can reveal personal information, such as where you go to church, what doctors you visit, and where you sleep at night.

Source: License Plate Readers Are Turning Police Into Mobile Debt Collectors And Data Miners | TruthVoice

LAPD Proves they are above the law – No Charges for Cops Who ‘Accidentally’ Fired 107 Bullets at an Innocent Mom and Daughter 

Blue privilege has reached asinine proportions.

Exposing the double standard between police and civilians, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday that no criminal charges will be filed against the eight LAPD officers responsible for nearly killing an innocent woman and her daughter. Although the cops ambushed the unarmed women without warning and fired over 100 bullets without provocation, the district attorney justified the case of mistaken identity due to the fact that the officers involved were afraid and incompetent.

At 5 a.m. on February 7, 2013, Margie Carranza and her mother, Emma Hernandez, were delivering newspapers throughout a residential neighborhood in Torrance when eight LAPD cops suddenly opened fire. As Carranza suffered cuts from the flying glass, Hernandez was shot twice in the back while trying to protect her daughter. One bullet exited just above Hernandez’s collarbone, while the other bullet struck her lower back, near her spine. A fragment of shattered glass also flew into her eye.

After firing 107 bullets at the innocent women, the LAPD cops ordered them out of the vehicle and immediately realized their mistake. Instead of a 33-year-old black man, two Hispanic women exited the pickup truck and demanded to know, “Why did you shoot at us?”

Instead of rendering first aid or even apologizing for the act of attempted murder, the officers called for paramedics while refusing to offer any explanation for the ambush. Awakened by the gunfire, residents emerged from their homes to find their vehicles, houses, and front doors riddled with bullets. With five bullet holes in the entryway to his house, one neighbor asked, “How do you mistake two Hispanic women, one who is 71, for a large black male?”

Twenty-five minutes after the shooting, Torrance police officers stopped David Perdue a few blocks away as he was driving to the beach to go surfing before work. After the officers questioned him and ordered Perdue to turn around, he complied with their commands and began driving away when another Torrance police cruiser raced towards his vehicle and broadsided him. Suffering from a concussion and back pain, Perdue remained in his vehicle as an officer opened fire on him.

Although Torrance PD and LAPD were searching for a black man driving a gray Nissan Titan, Perdue is a white man who was driving a black Honda Ridgeline. Carranza and Hernandez were driving a blue Toyota Tacoma when the officers ambushed them without bothering to confirm their identities.

Source: No Charges for Cops Who ‘Accidentally’ Fired 107 Bullets at an Innocent Mom and Daughter | The Free Thought Project

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