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Newest Snowden Leak Reveals The NSA Is Spying On Our Webcam Sex And Chats

The latest documents leaked to the press by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden show how the National Security Agency and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) teamed up to intercept webcam pictures from innocent people, many of which contained images of sexual activity.

The Guardian reports that a surveillance program known as Optic Nerve collected webcam images from over 1.8 million Yahoo! users during a six-month period in 2008.

The program began as a prototype that year and still remained active in 2012.

Optic Nerve looked at just one image every five minutes, however, and only if you looked somewhat like a terrorist.

But the operators did not control what kind of images the program was collecting, which is why Snowden’s documents state that plenty of explicit material was accessed.

Newest Snowden Leak Reveals The NSA Is Spying On Our Webcam Sex And Chats | Elite Daily.

High And Dry: The Drought In California Is Going To Seriously Affect Weed Prices

Normally, we don’t pay attention to the woes of other states. We don’t really care when it’s record-breaking cold in North Dakota, raining unseasonably in Florida or snowing somewhere in Pennsylvania.

However, California’s recent drought isn’t something we can just ignore like the other climate idiosyncrasies. Unfortunately, their weather problems aversely affect how we smoke our weed.

You may not realize it when you’re picking up bud from your dealer or having it delivered to your door by a man you see more than your own friends now, but most of your weed is coming from out West, making their problems our problems.

According to LA Weekly, the drought plaguing the sunny state will most likely not just raise the price of the leaf, but double it.

Most of the plants grown outdoors are in Northern California, which is being hit the hardest by mother nature’s cruel antics.

To add insult to injury, representatives of NORML, a nonprofit dedicated to the legalization of marijuana, have confirmed that most outdoor grown buds are sent out of state while the indoor grade is used at most dispensaries.

If this weren’t the final push you needed to move to California, then I don’t know what is. I think it’s time we took a long, hard look at the situation and the high prices we’re already paying for weed, and realize that the cost of living (smoking) may indeed be lower in California.

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

High And Dry: The Drought In California Is Going To Seriously Affect Weed Prices | Elite Daily.

10 Habits All Extremely Productive People Have In Common

Productivity is the key to success. The more productive you are, the more success you will experience. You can read hundreds of different tips claiming to give you the answer to living the life of your dreams, but in reality, it all boils down to productivity. No matter what advice you take, if it doesn’t maximize productivity, it is useless.

What you should also understand is that every person has a limit to how much he or she can output on any given day, and it will also vary from day to day. Human beings aren’t constant. We aren’t machines and even machines will break down without the proper maintenance — maintenance, which takes time.

Therefore, to be as productive as possible, you have to understand yourself, understand what you want and what you need (two different things) and build a routine that allows you to perform at your peak with a bit of wiggle room. Wiggle room is important because – at least in my experience – feeling that you must do something is never as nice as feeling the desire to do something. Giving yourself some room to breathe is necessary, as it maximizes your productivity when you are on the grind.

Here are 10 habits of extremely productive people. Of course, these are not followed by all productive individuals, as people will create their own unique routines that best fit their ideal lifestyles and goals. Remember, the goal is always happiness. You don’t have to be miserable in order to be productive, but that does take a good amount of planning and focus. Tradeoffs do need to be made, as we all live in a world governed by space and time.

10 Habits All Extremely Productive People Have In Common | Elite Daily.

10 Things You Need To Remember When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong

Things always and never go wrong. It’s a difficult concept to understand, and an even more difficult concept to adopt as being human doesn’t exactly allow for such control over emotions and understanding.

Things affect us in this way and that’s not so much because we are under their control, but because we don’t understand that we are in control – for the most part, at least. Things go wrong all the time… but at the same time they needn’t go wrong. Here’s what I mean:

10 Things You Need To Remember When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong | Elite Daily.

Official Cause of Death – Speed Ball & Rx – Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Jeff Gordon Test Drive 2 Prank Commercial – Gets revenge on Critic


Jeff Gordon is back to his old prankster tricks again. Last year the NASCAR driver disguised himself and took an unsuspecting car salesman on a wild test drive in a viral ad for Pepsi. The commercial was quickly labeled fake by an observant reporter from the auto publication Jalopnik. To get even, Gordon and Pepsi decided to prank the journalist, Travis Okulski, with another, even crazier driving stunt.

In the new ad, Gordon dons an intense neck tattoo and poses as a taxi driver who’s supposed to be taking Okulski to a race track to test out a new car. Things go awry when the police pull the car over. Gordon, who says he’s a convicted felon, decides he can’t go back to jail and proceeds to veer onto a dirt road to evade the cops. As Gordon blasts through garbage bins and spins into donuts, Okulski begs him to stop and attempts to kick in the glass partition between the front and back seats. Gordon “escapes” the cops by pulling into a Pepsi-themed garage, where he and the production staff reveal the prank.

Read more: Jeff Gordon Test Drive 2 Prank Commercial |


Jeff Gordon Test Drive 2 Prank Commercial |

MORE BRILLIANT FUCKTARDED COPS THAT NEED RANGE TIME – – Police Shoot At A Mentally Ill Man 47 Times(HIT HIM 11) And Kill Him For Stealing A Cup Of Coffee

Six Michigan police officers who shot and killed a mentally ill, homeless man accused of stealing a cup of coffee in 2012 will not face charges in a wrongful death lawsuit.

ThinkProgress reports that 49-year-old Milton Hall died on site after being shot at 47 times and hit with 11 bullets.

Police Shoot At A Mentally Ill Man 47 Times And Kill Him For Stealing A Cup Of Coffee | Elite Daily.

No Regrets: 15 Ways To Make Sure You Die Happy

What does it mean to die happy? It means to have lived a life with few regrets, filled joyful experiences and memories, amazing people, and to have lived with purpose. The question is: How do we do that?

Well, I’m glad you asked. There is no single answer. In fact, there are endless answers that have to be considered at every decision we make in our lives.

It’s not easy; it’s complicated. But there are guidelines you can follow to ensure your greatest chances at living and dying happily. There is nothing worse in the world than dying regretting the life you led.

Here’s a guideline consisting of 15 tips that can help you live and die with a smile on your face:

No Regrets: 15 Ways To Make Sure You Die Happy | Elite Daily.

The Difference Between Falling In Love When You Are Ready And When You Are Lonely

Although I have fallen in love several times in my life, I have really only been in love once. Doesn’t seem to add up, does it? Well, I have only fallen in love one time, at a point in my life when I wasn’t especially lonely. It was when I was much younger and when, to be honest, I was doing just fine without a female companion to share my life with. That was the first time I truly fell in love – and now that I think about it, the last.

This happens to all of us who have had no choice but to give up on a first love. It’s a sad truth: Once you’ve fallen in love deeply, you yearn for that love; you wish to find it again. You become lonely. You begin to fantasize and create a reality that doesn’t actually exist. Then you fall in love with someone unworthy of it.

That first time you fell in love can’t entirely be described in words. It’s as if the emotions, the state of your being and your state of mind became a different entity entirely. You go from being you, to being this other person — this person who needs this other person to survive. It’s as if you were just introduced to an organ that you rely on for life, which you never before even realized existed.

The Difference Between Falling In Love When You Are Ready And When You Are Lonely | Elite Daily.

Domino’s Pizza Tweets Epic Response To Customer Who Burned His Penis While Having Sex With A Pizza

Corporate Twitter accounts normally aren’t the most exciting things to follow, but this exchange between Domino’s and one of their customers in the United Kingdom might make you reconsider that stance (and hopefully encourage other companies to follow suit).

There’s a pretty good chance that this guy’s story is fake. The Domino’s version of “hot out of the oven” is what most people would consider “lukewarm” and, as a result, there is no way one of their pizzas would ever be delivered hot enough for you to burn your genitals on.

Still, you have to give credit to whoever was behind the keyboard at corporate for remaining so calm in the face of a (presumably) multibillion dollar lawsuit.

Without further ado, allow me to present: “Italian Pie”…

Domino’s Pizza Tweets Epic Response To Customer Who Burned His Penis While Having Sex With A Pizza | Elite Daily.

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