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Walmart Corp Office forces stores to Remove Toys for Tots Donation Boxes

The Marine Corps League, organizing the annual ‘Toys for Tots’ toy drive for families in need in the Reno/Sparks area, says local Walmart stores have removed donation boxes from area locations.

The group said it had donation boxes set up at area Walmart locations but has now learned that Walmart has removed those boxes. A representative for the group says they have not yet been able to get a clear answer from the stores as to why the boxes were removed but one store official told them the donation boxes go against Walmart’s no soliciting policy.

The group told Channel 2 News they were instructed to contact Walmart’s corporate offices but they have yet to have their phone calls returned. Channel 2 News has also tried to reach Walmart Corporate Communications but have not had our phone calls or e-mails returned. We also tried to get comment from a local Walmart but were told no managers were available to speak to us at the west 7th Street store and instructed us to call Corporate Communications.

The Reno Toys for Tots group has had donation barrels at Walmart locations in previous years and are still waiting to find out where the donation boxes went after store officials removed them.

Source: Local Walmart Stores Pull Toys for Tots Donation Boxes – KTVN Channel 2 – Reno Tahoe News Weather, Video –


Caffeinated Peanut Butter Under Attack — Grub Street

A Massachusetts start-up says it has made getting a caffeine jolt as easy as licking the back of a peanut-butter spoon. The product, STEEM, or “the greatest thing you never knew you wanted,” is half creamy, delicious spread, half rocket fuel, as just a mere tablespoon is said to deliver 85 milligrams of caffeine. It’s a plain PB&J;, in other words, amped up to two cups of coffee.

The co-founders, a trio of friends (one with a culinary background), are marketing it to athletes and as a purported hangover cure. They hopped it full of more caffeine than a Red Bull, but did it so the green-coffee extract (which they sweetened up with agave nectar) mixes with the fat in the peanut butter for a slower release that doesn’t cause a sugar crash.

Source: Caffeinated Peanut Butter Under Attack — Grub Street

LEAKED: A Frozen SURGE Soda Coming to Burger King

An anonymous tipster sent us an internal document showing that Burger King might be planning to debut a frozen SURGE drink from November 16 to January 31.

Yes, we’re talking about the same cult-classic Surge that was discontinued back in 2003 and has made a recent comeback.

Mostly for nostalgic purposes, Surge had fans urging the radioactive-looking 90s drink to make a comeback and now that is available in stores again, it looks like Burger King is jumping on the chance to make something awesome with it.

Here’s a photo with specific instructions given to the Burger King staff on how to get the frozen Surge operating. It sounds like they’re just going to do a quick swap with their pre-existing frozen drinks:


Source: LEAKED: A Frozen SURGE Soda Coming to Burger King

Volkswagen programmed larger diesel cars to cheat on emissions tests, EPA says


The US Environmental Protection Agency says Volkswagen also programmed larger diesel cars to cheat on emissions tests .

Source: Volkswagen programmed larger diesel cars to cheat on emissions tests, EPA says |

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