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Memorial Day Weekend 2010 in Las Vegas Bars, Clubs and Pools

Girld Gone Wild in Las Vegas, Memorial Day 2010



Why is Carfax spending so much on advertising now, since their info has been doubted and disproven

I guess I am only one of a few thousand that has documented information disproving the erroneous filings that Carfax has f*cked so many people with. Look back at the post I made previously about how Carfax’s incorrect information about my Corvette kept me from being able to sell it even though I had documentation proving otherwise.

Now it seems Carfax is spending an abundance of advertising money trying to drown out all the negative publicity, specially here in Las Vegas on KLAS TV Channel 8. George Knapp’s I-Team has multiple instances of Carfax’s information being incorrect and sellers have little they can do about it.

Only one way to solve this, BOYCOTT CARFAX. Once the word gets out about their erroneous information, it may finally get them to fix their false information. They are getting to be as bad as getting a credit report’s incorrect information changed. It only takes a few to get a few to get a few to disregard their inconsistent information.

Betty White not worth the 400K, Saturday Night Live sucks right out of the gate

You would think that regardless of how old she is, she would have rehearsed a time or 36. I guess not, by the way she was squinting to read the teleprompter that was 7 feet away. The first commercial, the Snickers ad from the Superbowl already knocked SNL out of the water, PERIOD!

Jay-Z comes on and whoever is running the sound board, considering this is taped and could have been fixed before air, IS A FRICKING IDIOT AND SHOULD BE DELLING HOTDOGS FROM A CART OUTSIDE THE THEATRE. When you can thear Jay-Z over the band, the Sound Engineer is a MORON and should be FIRED! And the ‘New York’ thing is OLD, throw it away!

Are you fricking kidding me? Who the hell is running the show there? Whoever it is should be filing for unemployment Monday morning!

Next commercial? Iron Man? Guaranteed 3 times as many viewers watched the commercial than watched Jay-Z’s performance from 10 seconds in.

Who the hell are the writers for Saturday Night Live now? Worse yet, who are the one’s in charge of paying for advertising for those companies advertising during this crap? I dont think I have to say more. This is one of the only shows that Jay Leno would have beaten during his Prime Time stint.

TripAdvisor.Com rates Las Vegas Number 3 in Nightlife

Obviously the people at this website are uninformed or just morons. Rating New Orleans and New York City above a city that bars do not even close is pretty much insane on it’s own. Try taking a look at the recent Nightclub awards recently held in Las Vegas and compare the number of awards won by Las Vegas Nightclubs and compare that to the other two cities combined. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, let me think.

Mega-Club of the Year
• XS, Las Vegas
New Club of the Year
• XS, Las Vegas
Nightclub of the Year
• Tao, Las Vegas
Ongoing Promotion of the Year
• Hard Rock, Las Vegas – Rehab
Resident DJ
• Paul Oakenfold – Rain, Las Vegas
Single Promotion of the Year
• Midsummer Night’s Dream – Palms, Las Vegas
Ultra-Lounge of the Year
• Blush Boutique Nightclub, Las Vegas

New York & New Orleans are not even on the list. TripAdvisor.Com may be using visitor reviews or they must just be totally incompetent. If it is based on user reviews, the users are in a demographic so out of the Nightlife demographic that actually participates in real Nightlife. Sounds more like the former.

Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas Bars and Clubs

CLICK HERE–>Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas Bars and Clubs

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