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Comcast’s Deceptive Practices charging unecessary installation fees.

Comcast PicI was told today via online chat from a Comcast representative that in order to receive Comcast’s Internet Service, a technician is required to do a ‘$99.00 Professional Installation’ even though the website clearly states ‘Self-Installation’ is an option.


This is just another attempt to extort extra money on an unnecessary step in the installation process. I was told that the modem has to be installed, service has to be activated at street level and levels tested. This is bullshit as every other place that I have received cable modem service, I did the oh-so-difficult modem installation of screwing the coax cable into the back of the modem and plugging in my CAT5 cable going to my computer. Street level testing can be done at the cross-connect location, if even required. If their service is up to par, level testing should not be needed unless a previous problem has been reported.

Who else has been forced to pay for this crap even though their website clearly shows that Self-Installation is an option? There is something wrong with that picture.
Deceptive Practices is a legal term that comes to mind and someone should do something about it. I welcome any and all comments and urge everyone to post on this.

October 23rd, 2009 Update……………………Just to test this out I ordered the high speed internet service and just as I figured, the professional installation is not required. The technician that arrived to ‘Professionally Install’ my service or screw in the inbound coax cable into the back of my modem, confirmed that Self-Installation is available regardless if you are a current customer or not.

This again proves that Comcast is using deceptive practices and false advertising on their website and should be held liable for such!


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Lobster fisherman are losing money on every load that they bring into wholesale buyers. Wholesale buyers are paying $1.50 per pound to the fishermen so what constitutes a markup of 1500% to the consumer? Regardless of transportation costs, the retail prices have not changed. That is money-hungry BULLSHIT!!!!! Albersons, Von’s, Dominick’s, Safeway, King Sooper, Smith’s, Kroger and every other leading groery store in every non-coastal city in the county

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