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IndyCar Drivers drive Race Cars across Golden Gate Bridge to honor fallen driver Justin Wilson

IndyCar stars drove their race cars across the Golden Gate Bridge on Thursday in memory of Justin Wilson, who died of a severe head injury suffered in a race at the weekend. The popular British driver’s death has cast a shadow over this weekend’s season finale at Sonoma Raceway and ignited discussion of ways to make the IndyCar series safer. “Very emotional cross of the bridge in Justin’s car,” tweeted Marco Andretti, who led the motorcade in teammate Wilson’s #25 Andretti Autosport car.

The popular British driver’s death has cast a shadow over this weekend’s season finale at Sonoma Raceway and ignited discussion of ways to make the IndyCar series safer.

“Very emotional cross of the bridge in Justin’s car,” tweeted Marco Andretti, who led the motorcade in teammate Wilson’s #25 Andretti Autosport car.

Two safety vehicles — the same that were on site to render aid last Sunday when Wilson was struck by debris from another racer’s car — flew Justin Wilson flags from the back of their trucks.

Wilson, 37, died on Monday in a Pennsylvania hospital. He had been in a coma since he was hit in the helmet by a large piece of debris in the final laps at Pocono Raceway and crashed into a wall.

“We’ll definitely race with heavy hearts this weekend,” New Zealand’s Scott Dixon, last year’s winner at Sonoma, said Wednesday at an appearance at the California state capitol in Sacramento.

Source: Golden Gate tribute to fallen IndyCar driver Wilson – Yahoo Sports


Windows 10 spying and sharing your personal info whether you like it or not

Microsoft just can’t seem to shake the image that Windows 10 is spying on you. And Microsoft’s lack of transparency about Windows 10’s privacy isn’t doing much to dispel the notion.

In the nearly three weeks following Windows 10’s release, there have been numerous reports about how much personal information Microsoft collects, and the hurdles to stopping it.

1) Shares your personal information with Microsoft by default

By default, Windows 10 shares a lot of information about you with Microsoft. According to the company’s privacy policy, Windows sends Microsoft everything you say to Cortana, Windows 10’s Siri-like virtual assistant. It also collects your name and nickname, your recent calendar events, the names of the people in your appointments, and information about your contacts — including their names and nicknames……

Source: Is Windows 10 really a privacy nightmare? – Aug. 17, 2015

ESPN Idiots Drink The Kool-Aid, “buys into ISIS propaganda”, suspends Schilling for RIDICULOUS Reasoning!

(CNN) Sarah Palin tore into ESPN on Thursday night, calling the network “whimpering” and “intolerant” for suspending baseball analyst Curt Schilling for a tweet comparing radical Muslims to Nazis.

In a Facebook post, Palin accused ESPN of buying into terrorist propaganda and advancing “liberal global politics.”

On Tuesday night, Schilling re-posted a meme that read: “It’s said only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How’d that go?” The text was emblazoned over a red-tinted photo of Adolf Hitler, with Schilling adding, “The math is staggering when you get to true #’s.”

ESPN suspended Schilling from coverage of the Little League World Series over the incident, saying in a statement “Curt’s tweet was completely unacceptable, and in no way represents our company’s perspective.

Palin: ESPN “buys into ISIS propaganda” –

Amazon now Delivering Alcohol in 60 minutes or less

Amazon announces 60-minutes-or-less booze delivery

Just 34 minutes stand between you and your next — er, first — cocktail of the day.

No need to leave your desk. It’s coming to you.

The boozy St. Nicholas behind this operation? Who else: Amazon Prime Now. The lightning fast courier service just added chilled beer, wine and spirits to the list of things they can have at your door before in 60 minutes or less.

Says Stephenie Landry, director of Amazon’s Prime Now service: “Prime Now is our fastest delivery option ever. With Prime Now, you can skip a trip to the store and get the items you need delivered right to your door in under an hour.”

Including hooch.

Now serving select West Coast locales, Amazon’s roaming happy hour is rapidly expanding to a zip code near you. Members can download the Prime Now app (available on iOS and Android devices) to be notified when the service becomes available in their area.

Currently delivering from 8 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. Two-hour delivery is free; one-hour delivery will run you just $7.99. A bargain for folks who take their libations seriously — like that Chinese lady who chugged a bottle of cognac rather than handing it over to airport security.

Cross your fingers and punch in your zip code.

Source: InsideHook | Amazon can now send you booze in 60 minutes or less

Samsung UP’s the preverbial Ante with larger curved screen

Samsung ramped up its smartphone strategy Thursday, unveiling its new Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5 devices at a glitzy event in New York’s Lincoln Center.

Like the Galaxy S6 edge, the edge+ has dual curved edges, but comes with a 5.7-inch display, larger than its predecessor’s 5.1-inch screen.

“Today, the journey continues in the large screen category that Samsung created,” said JK Shin, CEO of Samsung Electronics’ IT and Mobile Division, during the launch. “We’re still betting big – the fact is that we’re all using our smartphones in two major ways – as multimedia consumers and as multitaskers.”

Touted as ideal for multimedia users, the edge+’s dual edges offer users a shortcut from any screen to their contacts and apps.

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Like the edge+ the Galaxy Note5 also comes with a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED 2560×1440 pixel screen. Both devices run Android 5.1 and come with 64-bit Samsung Exynos 7420 processors, 16 megapixel rear cameras, 5 megapixel front cameras, and 4GB of RAM.

Samsung ramps up smartphone strategy, touts larger curved screen device | Fox News.

Congress rushing to vote on the CISA Surveillance Bill, letting Facebook & Google provide User Data to NSA

We’re all familiar with the all seeing eye of our governments watching over our shoulder. Now the news gets better – not. If you haven’t heard about CISA already, you’re about to discover a frightening new world constructing our private online lives into a new systematic order that consists of heavier monitoring.

Operation Fax Big Brother

The dirty deals between Google and the NSA are only just the tip, as the U.S. government ramps up their surveillance action in an effort to introduce unlimited, all-encompassing monitoring of its citizens through the cooperation of corporations and large organziations. CISA, or the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015, is heading for a vote in the U.S. Senate very soon. It’s an irrational hysteria that we’ve skimmed over in literary works such as 1984, but even Orwell never quite fathomed the extent of which surveillance would become.

CISA, the surveillance bill masquerading under the “cybersecurity” banner, has been pushed back three times by public outcry, but now they’re attempting to rush it through, arguing that it is necessary in order to protect our freedom, and to stop hackers.

If the CISA 2015 is passed, Google, Facebook and other similar corporations will be protected and grantedimmunity if they monitor and share their users, passing on information to government agencies if they consider it to contain “cyber threat indicators.” The information that can be shared is only limited to your imagination; from email content, IP addresses, personal information, passwords, and anything else they deem to be a threat. If this isn’t bad enough, from the sharing of this information, a further exploitation in the surveillance laws that are current, will permit the government to “upstream” domestic content direct from the cables that make up the internet.

From this step, anything is possible. CISA could pass this information to law enforcement agencies to further investigations; backdoor search capabilities will be expanded; and any attempt to fight or challenge the system will prove difficult – the bill specifically exempts this collection of information from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act on all local, state, and federal law.

Screenshot (99)

The Age of Digital Fascism is here: the CISA Surveillance Bill AnonHQ.

Another POS Cop thinks he’s Above The Law, Draws Sidearm on Man for Filming – Rohnert Park, California Police

A California police officer drew his firearm on a man who was merely filming in his own neighborhood, in an intense moment caught on film.


The incident began last Wednesday when Rohnert Park resident Don McComas says he noticed an officer in a patrol vehicle observing him while he latched his boat onto his SUV.

“I stood up and just watched him,” McComas described. “He ever so slowly pulled away, circled the court opposite my house and then just parked facing my house. After an honest couple of minutes I pulled out my camera and pressed record.”

At the start of filming, the officer pulls into and stops in the middle of McComas’ cul-de-sac and appears to call in his license plate number.

The officer then proceeds to draw his cell phone and bizzarely begins to film McComas.

“He thinks he’s being funny now,” McComas comments.

“Go ahead and take your hand out of your pocket,” the unidentified officer upon exiting the cruiser orders McComas, who refuses saying, “No sir I’ve done absolutely nothing. No.”

The incident takes a serious turn when the officer removes his sidearm from his holster and begins approaching McComas menacingly.

“As minor as some would say it was, when I saw his gun gripped in his hand I really thought he was going to shoot me and claim my hand was in my pocket,” McComas says in the Youtube video description.

When McComas demands to know why the officer got out of his car, the officer replies, “You’re taking a picture of me, I’m taking a picture of you.”

The officer then argues he has the right to be on the sidewalk outside of the man’s house, as McComas expresses his family has been persistently harassed by police.

“What’s wrong with you, man?” the officer asks.

“Your station is corrupt,” McComas answers.

“Oh ok,” the officer says, before asking, “Are you some kind of a constitutionalist? Crazy guy or something like that?”

After cooling down, the officer walks back to his vehicle defeated, telling McComas to “go ahead and put it on Youtube.”

The video is sparking outrage, with many police accountability activist groups calling out the flagrant disregard for the rule of law and common decency.

“This is a blatant abuse of power and a disgrace to the man, as well as to the Rohnert Park Police Department if they choose to ignore their officers extreme methods,” Cop Block notes.

The mayor and city manager of the City of Rohnert Park have released a statement saying they will “conduct an internal review to verify that appropriate protocols were followed.”

Message about video of Rohnert Park Public Safety Officer
Posted Date: 8/4/2015
Regarding video of Rohnert Park Public Safety Officer:

We’ve been made aware of this matter and we are taking it seriously. We understand the concerns that have been raised by our community and others and we want the public to know that your trust in law enforcement in our City is a top priority. As a result, we will conduct an internal review to verify that appropriate protocols were followed. We will also review our protocols because we want to make sure we are using the best practices for the highest level of safety for both our officers and the community.

Mayor Amy Ahanotu and City Manager Darrin Jenkins

» Video: Cop Draws Sidearm on Man for Filming Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

Woman in charge at Nabisco, Ships 600 Jobs to Mexico. Time To Give Up Oreos

I may have to give up one of my longest-standing indulgences: the dunking of an Oreo cookie in cold milk (whole is preferred). I don’t do this lightly, as I have been dunking those deliciously wicked rounds of chocolate and what I choose to believe is cream since I’ve been three.

Why give them up? Because this week, Irene Rosenfeld, the head of Mondolez (the food conglomerate based in Illinois that has Nabisco in its portfolio), a woman touted for breaking the glass ceiling upon becoming the head of Kraft Foods and then its spin off, announced that rather than invest $130 million in modernizing the plant in Chicago, where Oreos have been lovingly produced for the past 100 years, she will instead move the jobs to a new factory in Mexico.

Nabisco Ships 600 Jobs to Mexico. Time To Give Up Oreos | Independent Film, News and Media.

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