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A Cupcake-Dispensing ATM Is Coming…………………………

Thanks to Sprinkles, a Los Angeles-based bakery, cupcake ATMs are popping up all over the place.

This means we’ll soon be able to chew our troubles away with delicious treats no matter where we are. With time, that’ll be a reality. But as of right now, Sprinkles is just getting started.

The bakery will be introducing the first ever 24-hour cupcake ATM to New York City’s Upper East Side. Its location is set to be on Lexington Avenue near 60th street in case you plan on making a pitstop sometime next week!

Doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea, now does it?! If you’re looking to snack on cupcakes sooner, you can head to Vegas where Sprinkles just installed one of these legendary ATMs slightly ahead of the Upper East Side debut.

Each ATM can hold about 760 cupcakes and they will be restocked with fresh cupcakes daily. According to Gothamist, each cupcake ATM has the ability to dispense up to four cupcakes, cookies and dog cupcakes at a single time. That’s right, if your dog wants a cupcake, Sprinkles will give your dog a cupcake!

A Cupcake-Dispensing ATM Is Coming To The Upper East Side Of Manhattan (Photos) | Elite Daily.

50 Important Things Men Should Realize About Women

When we came across a list quite possibly even more ridiculous than some of our own, we knew we had to intervene.

To all my gal pals out there — we’re on that level now — this list is what happens when you miss the mark so hard that everyone around you feels uncomfortable and slowly starts to back away.

Although, to be fair, we couldn’t back away because we admittedly sort of love watching that kind of awkward fall-from-grace slow-fade unfold.

PSA: “Wall Street Insanity’s” confusing piece of prose is a gross attempt at satire (and yet, the very use of the word “satire” already feels too highbrow and credible for the low-level humor and conventional logic in which this article employs).

50 Important Things Men Should Realize About Women | Elite Daily.

8 Things That Only Truly Miserable People Do

Would you say some people or most people are miserable? It’s hard to tell these days. With all the fake drama everyone seems to be indulging in, one has a difficult time telling whether or not people hate their lives as much as they say they do, or if they are simply reenacting an episode from the “Jersey Shore.”

Miserable people do exist, but I would like to believe there aren’t as many miserable people out there as there would seem to be.

With everyone complaining all over social media outlets all the time, you could only conclude that everyone in the whole world hates their lives. But this can’t be true…

There are a few signs that are dead giveaways, however. Here are eight of them:

8 Things That Only Truly Miserable People Do | Elite Daily.

Motorcycle airbags are finally a reality, thanks to Ducati and Dainese

A famed motorcycle company teamed up with the creators of extreme-sport clothing to design the world’s first wireless suit-mounted airbags.

Ducati Motors and Dainese collaborated to introduce the design that will offer the auto-inflation safety system that doesn’t require the rider to be connected to the bike by a release cord.

“Marking a ‘world’s first’ in the motorcycle industry and combining the innovative designs from two famous Italian brands, the new Ducati model takes a significant step forward in two-wheel safety,” Ducati said in a statement.


The Multistrada D-Air model features a fully integrated, intelligent system of sensors that wirelessly connect to the airbags inside the jackets.

Dainese has experimented with suit-mounted airbags since 2008 and its D-Air system is already available in Race and Street options. The Race version pops out of the collar to protect the neck, shoulders and collarbone, and the Street boasts a much larger bag that protects the rider’s entire torso, front and back, according to GizMag.

Crash This Motorcycle and It Will Wirelessly Inflate the Airbag — In Your Jacket | Video |

Man Awarded $567,000 In Sexual Harassment Suit Regarding Female Boss Motorboating Him | Elite Daily

Christina Aguilera Encourages Fans To Celebrate Steak And BlowJob Day

Main Entry Image

Christina Aguilera said she wanted to get “dirrty” and she wasn’t kidding.

The 33-year-old pop star took to Twitter to encourage fans to celebrate Steak and BJ Day, if they hadn’t already.

The anti-Valentine’s Day “holiday” is observed on March 14, but Aguilera wanted fans to know there was still time to get in on the fun. And just to make sure people understood what the day entails, the former “The Voice” star, who is pregnant with her second child, posted a rather detailed description as to how to partake in the festivities:

View image on Twitter

Christina Aguilera Encourages Fans To Celebrate Steak And BJ Day.

Tara Reid Wears White Bikini To The Beach, Develops Close Friendship With Sand

View image on Twitter

Tara Reid went to the beach and rolled around in the sand while tweeting that she’d “never felt so happy” in her life. “Me and the sand became best friends,” she wrote, “We started talking to each other!”

Tara Reid Wears White Bikini To The Beach, Develops Close Friendship With Sand.

Selena Gomez Shares ‘Nude’ Photo On Instagram, Becomes Tangled In Hanging Curtains

Selena Gomez posted the following photo on her Instagram on Friday, March 21. In it, she appears to be nude while having an extremely difficult time opening her curtains.

Selena Gomez Shares ‘Nude’ Photo On Instagram, Becomes Tangled In Hanging Curtains.

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