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Those that wear a Bluetooth earpiece because they think it looks cool…

If you are one of those people, YOU ARE A MORON! Do you people realize how stupid you look wearing them anywhere and everywhere because you think other people think you are someone? I guess not.


Why is Snooky being paid for appearances, specially in Vegas?

Why the clubs have paid her here in Vegas, those which shall remain nameless( unless you do a simple search), who the hell knows. Does she or the clubs that pay her realize how she is proving just how ‘Negative Publicity’ isn’t good for everyone? I guess not! Think about it MGM/Mirage, Hint Hint.

Las Vegas Bar and Nightclub Guide: Where to party in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Bar & Nightclub Guide

The Best Patio Bars in Las Vegas

VooDoo Lounge Las Vegas

The Best Patio Bars in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Nightclub Guide: Where to party in Sin City Las Vegas

Las Vegas Nightclub Guide

The nation’s largest Pool Party kicks off in Sin City Las Vegas

Nation’s largest Pool Party

Spirit Airlines: Next Airline in bankruptcy

Spirit Airlines announced that they will begin charging passengers for ‘Carry-On’ bags that passengers place in the overhead storage bins on the planes. This should be the beginning of the end for Spirit Airlines as this will not go over any better than a fart in church. I will never fly Spirit Airlines again!

World News is more about Ratings than reporting News

Today proves that CBS World News is more about ratings than it is about reporting news. If it wasn’t for a disasterous cole mine explosion in West Virginia, Tiger Woods would have been the lead story. There was a 7+ Earthquake that occurred just south of the US and an oil tanker ran aground over the Great Barrier Reef.


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