Caffeinated Peanut Butter Under Attack — Grub Street

A Massachusetts start-up says it has made getting a caffeine jolt as easy as licking the back of a peanut-butter spoon. The product, STEEM, or “the greatest thing you never knew you wanted,” is half creamy, delicious spread, half rocket fuel, as just a mere tablespoon is said to deliver 85 milligrams of caffeine. It’s a plain PB&J;, in other words, amped up to two cups of coffee.

The co-founders, a trio of friends (one with a culinary background), are marketing it to athletes and as a purported hangover cure. They hopped it full of more caffeine than a Red Bull, but did it so the green-coffee extract (which they sweetened up with agave nectar) mixes with the fat in the peanut butter for a slower release that doesn’t cause a sugar crash.

Source: Caffeinated Peanut Butter Under Attack — Grub Street

LEAKED: A Frozen SURGE Soda Coming to Burger King

An anonymous tipster sent us an internal document showing that Burger King might be planning to debut a frozen SURGE drink from November 16 to January 31.

Yes, we’re talking about the same cult-classic Surge that was discontinued back in 2003 and has made a recent comeback.

Mostly for nostalgic purposes, Surge had fans urging the radioactive-looking 90s drink to make a comeback and now that is available in stores again, it looks like Burger King is jumping on the chance to make something awesome with it.

Here’s a photo with specific instructions given to the Burger King staff on how to get the frozen Surge operating. It sounds like they’re just going to do a quick swap with their pre-existing frozen drinks:


Source: LEAKED: A Frozen SURGE Soda Coming to Burger King

Volkswagen programmed larger diesel cars to cheat on emissions tests, EPA says


The US Environmental Protection Agency says Volkswagen also programmed larger diesel cars to cheat on emissions tests .

Source: Volkswagen programmed larger diesel cars to cheat on emissions tests, EPA says |

Here’s How You Can Get $3 Chipotle Burritos For Halloween

For the 5th year in a row, Chipotle is having a Halloween promotion where they sell their hefty burritos for a bit cheaper than you’re used to.

While in years past, just wearing a Halloween costume was enough, this year they’re pushing customers to add something unnecessary to their costume as they’re trying to drive home that they no longer use “unnecessary additives and preservatives that are typically found in fast food,” according to the official release. They don’t explain, nor give examples of what constitutes unnecessary, but it’s definitely an unnecessary addition to the promotion.

So here’s the deal:

Who: Chipotle Mexican Grill

What: $3 burritos, bowls, salads and tacos when you come in dressed up and add something unnecessary to your costume.

Why: To raise money for the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

When: Halloween, October, 31 from 5 p.m. to close.

Here’s How You Can Get $3 Chipotle Burritos For Halloween

BMW’s Mini recalls 86,000 cars to fix power steering problems

Under pressure from U.S. safety regulators, BMW‘s Mini brand is recalling more than 86,000 cars because the power steering could fail.

Read MoreNHTSA to crack down on automakers’ claims

The recall covers the Mini Cooper and Cooper S models from 2002 to 2005. BMW says in documents filed with regulators that the power steering can fail because of manufacturing or other issues. If that happens, manual steering remains but it would take greater effort to steer.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began investigating the cars in 2010 after getting 339 complaints including five minor crashes and three fires involving melted wires.

BMW at first extended steering warranties, but last month the agency sought a recall. BMW agreed but said the problem wasn’t an unreasonable safety risk. Dealers will replace power steering parts if needed starting in December.

Source: Mini recalls 86,000 cars to fix power steering problems

Obama’s Chicago, with tightest gun control laws, proves that Gun Control DOES NOT work with another weekend of 5 Dead, 17 wounded Including 15-Year-Old Girl

The toll of violence in Chicago continues to spiral higher and higher, and this weekend brought another five killed and 17 wounded to add to the growing number. The weekend’s violence included the wounding of a 15-year-old girl and a knife attack on a British man visiting the city.

The killing started on Friday afternoon at 3PM when a a man was shot and killed in Jefferson Park. A second death occurred just before 9PM that day. Two more were killed on Saturday, with the fifth killed by Sunday.

Also, Friday through Sunday, 17 were wounded in Chicago.

In one case, in Marquette Park, a teenaged girl was shot in the back when an unknown party fired at her and a 20-year-old man who was identified by police as a known gang member.

The teen was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center where she was reported in stable condition.

In another attack on Sunday, on his first day of a visit to Chicago, a visitor from Britain was attacked and robbed at knifepoint by three assailants near Oak Street Beach.

Source: Chicago Weekend Violence Leaves 5 Dead, 17 wounded Including 15-Year-Old Girl

Las Vegas Food Trucks #FoodPorn

Las Vegas Food Trucks #FoodPorn

Las Vegas Food Trucks #FoodPorn

Las Vegas Food Trucks #FoodPorn

Las Vegas Best Breakfast. The Best Breakfast spots in Las Vegas #FoodPorn

Las Vegas Best Breakfast Best Breakfast in Las Vegas #LasVegas #Best #Breakfast

Las Vegas Best Breakfast
Best Breakfast in Las Vegas
#LasVegas #Best #Breakfast #FoodPorn 

Best Breakfast in Las Vegas. Best Breakfast spots in Las Vegas!

#FoodPorn #Breakfast

Google’s inaccurate search results have made them a Joke, along with the failed Google+

Google's  innaccurate search results have become a joke!

Google’s inaccurate search results have become a joke!

Google’s search results have become so inaccurate, they have become as big of a joke as the failed Google+. There are thousands of domains that will not show up in search results when you type in the exact domain name or phrase, unless you are paying them to do so. Being blackballed by a monopoly is just pure and simple Bullshit! It’s funny, I own numerous websites and now some bored and uneducated twit at Google has decided that my sites no longer deserve to appear when their exact name/phrase is typed into Google’s Search Engine.

I will no longer pay the tens of thousands of dollars to advertise my sites on Google anymore and will be taking my money to their competitor(s)!

SEO Fucktards can keep their useless comments to themselves as they do not apply to something that would changed due to one person’s actions

Breaking>> Alaska Cruise Price Drop

Alaska Cruise Price Drop

Alaska Cruise Price Drop

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