Obama Not Wanted in Oregon, after announcing post-massacre trip

Barack Obama announced that on Friday he will be visiting Roseburg, Oregon, the town of the mass killing by a deranged man on the campus of Umpquo Community College. The gunman, who killed 9 and injured 9, reportedly chose to execute Christian students while leaving non-Christians with less serious wounds.

The residents were barely given time to begin the grieving process when President Obama decided to openly politicize the event in an effort to push his anti-Second Amendment agenda. In July, Obama lamented that he was not able to do more about gun control stating America, “is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common-sense, gun safety laws.”

Source: Obama Just Announced A Trip To Oregon Massacre Site- The Town’s Residents Are Doing THIS In Response

FAA’s $1.9 million fine against drone photography company is biggest yet

The Federal Aviation Administration is getting serious about enforcing regulations about drone operations.

The largest civil penalty yet against an unmanned aircraft (drone) operator was announced Tuesday, when the FAA proposed a $1.9 million fine for SkyPan International, Inc., an aerial photography company based in Chicago.

The FAA said SkyPan conducted a total of 65 unauthorized drone operations in Chicago and New York City from 2012 to 2014. Citing congested airspace over heavily populated cities, the FAA said the operations “were illegal and not without risk.”

Forty-three of the 65 operations were in the highly restricted New York Class B airspace, according to the FAA.


Source: FAA’s $1.9 million fine against drone photography company is biggest yet

IHOP to McDonalds: “#AllDayBreakfast, WHAT’S GOOD?”

Let it be known! Serving breakfast all day? IHOP did it first and they are telling it on the mountain.

Recalling the bitter beef between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus, IHOP challenged McDonald’s on social media with some well-chosen slang that made it clear that all-day breakfast is their turf.

The pancake conglomerate made it known to the world that they’re not here for McDonald’s announcement that it would serve breakfast past 10 a.m. The #AllDayBreakfast sponsored hashtag, paid for by McDonald’s, has been sitting at the top of everyone’s Twitter feeds since Tuesday morning.

Source: IHOP to McDonalds: “#AllDayBreakfast, WHAT’S GOOD?”

Kellogg’s Kashi Brand to Pay $4 Million over “All Natural” False Advertising 

Kashi will pay $4 million in a false advertising lawsuit put forth in Florida. The lawsuit claimed that Kellogg’s, the parent company for Kashi, advertised an “all natural” (GM-free) product that was, in reality, full of genetically modified ingredients.

The settlement resolves a class action lawsuit against the company alleging that its products were falsely labeled as being “all natural” and containing “nothing artificial,” suggesting that they were free of genetically modified organisms.

Multiple Kashi products contain GM soy and GM corn, and a district judge argued that this“sufficiently alleges that a reasonable consumer would expect a product labeled ‘all natural’ to be free of GMOs.”

Kashi is also paying for a similar settlement in California:

“In a settlement filed in the southern district of California on May 2, Kashi said it would pay $5m to resolve a class action lawsuit accusing it of falsely advertising scores of products from GoLean bars to Kashi Pita Crisps as ‘all natural’ or with ‘nothing artificial’ when they in fact contained one or more of ‘an array of chemicals’ which the plaintiffs argued a reasonable consumer would consider unnatural”

This is an enormous win considering that the DARK act, which would prohibit states from instituting GM bans or GM labeling, has almost become law. It also is a testament to the changing tide in consumer’s attitude toward Big Food. Not only are citizens saying they want their food labeled, but they will no longer sit idly by while companies like Kellogg’s (or Pepsi, General Mills, etc.) lie about what is in food products.

Source: » Kellogg’s Kashi Brand to Pay $4 Million over “All Natural” False Advertising Lawsuit Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Amazon Prime discount $67 for one day only

Amazon Prime Deal

If you’ve been on the fence about shelling out for Amazon’s new Prime service, now’s the time to do it.

Amazon plans to celebrate its five Emmy wins for its original series “Transparent”  by giving out a big, one-day-only discount.

On Friday, Amazon’s shopping club, Prime, will cost only $67, down $32 from its usual $99 price tag.

The membership gives customers two-day, free shipping on tens of millions of items, as well as access to tens of thousands of free TV shows, movies, music, and books. It includes unlimited cloud storage for photos, too.

It’s also arguably one of the company’s most important initiatives: Prime members may spend more than double on the site per year than non-members do, according to an analysis from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners in January.

All of the non-shopping perks on Amazon Prime — like the video and music streaming or the cloud storage — basically just exist to make Prime a better deal, so the company can ensnare more power-shoppers. So, if you decide to snap up the deal on Friday, Amazon’s betting it will make its $32 back on you no problem.

Source: Amazon Prime discount $67 for one day only – Business Insider

Hawaiian Airlines End-Of-Summer Sale may just Break the Internet

Hawaiian Airlines End-Of-Summer Sale may just Break The Internet!

Hawaiian Airlines End-Of-Summer Sale may just Break The Internet!


Celebrity Chef Kerry Simon has passed away after long battle with MSA

Kerry Simon

Robin Leach reported Celebrity Chef Kerry Simon passed away early this morning, after a long battle with MSA.
More details can be found on Robin Leach’s Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/Robin_Leach

‘Tallest, fastest and longest’ dive coaster in the world coming to Cedar Point

It’s after Labor Day, and that means one thing for theme parks: It’s time to start planning next year’s debut rides.

First up is Cedar Point, the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World” in Sandusky, Ohio, which on Wednesday announced “Valravn”: the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in the world, coming in 2016.

The more that theme parks compete for the ultimate roller coaster, the more they seem to be inventing terminology for them.

This one is a “dive coaster,” which, according to Cedar Point, means that there’s a 90 degree drop in the middle of it — that’s to give riders the feeling of free fall.

Here’s a video rendering of Valravn from a rider’s perspective:

Source: ‘Tallest, fastest and longest’ dive coaster in the world coming to Cedar Point

Frontier Airlines’s $25 Sale Might Break the Internet

The discount carrier is offering deals on flights to cities like Miami, New Orleans, and Austin.

Good news if you’re planning some U.S. travel this fall: Budget carrier Frontier Airlines is kicking off a $25 (yes, you read that correctly) sale on many major routes. The deals begin at $29 per person each way—there’s a $5 off discount code that can be applied at checkout—while some fares go as high as $49.

Deals include Charlotte to Philadelphia for $60 round trip, Atlanta to Las Vegas for $98, and St. Louis to Orlando for $100. You must buy the tickets before September 12, but we’d advise buying earlier than that since many of the routes are already selling out. Last year’s sale, where some tickets were as little as $15,broke company sales records.

Of course, like most online fare sales, there’s some fine print, so make sure you check out the specific route you’re interested in for any blackout dates. As well, if you’re a Frontier first-timer, keep in mind that the airline has fees for both checked and carry-on bags. It also has a “Discount Den” similar to many airlines’ frequent-flyer programs, which gives members discounts on bag fees. Frontier also charges for in-flight food and drinks, and you can pay extra to board early.

The discount carrier is offering deals on flights to cities like Miami, New Orleans, and Austin.

Source: Frontier Airlines’s $25 Sale Might Break the Internet – Condé Nast Traveler

McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

McDonald’s will soon serve breakfast any time of the day nationwide beginning October 6.

There will be two types of markets when all-day breakfast rolls out. One market will offer McMuffin sandwiches and no biscuits while the other will offer biscuits and not McMuffins. Both will offer platters, sausage burritos and sides.

Dow Jones initially reported the news.

The move, which would keep regular menu items intact, comes as the fast-food company’s new leadership has promised to be more agile in response to consumer demand, including all-day breakfast. Sources had previously told CNBC the menu change would happen as early as October, after some restaurants began testing the new menu several months ago.

Source: Here is when McDonald’s all-day breakfast is coming


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