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Facebook showing how they are in Hillary Clinton’s Pocket, Suppressing TTAG, Other Firearms Publishers’ Posts

At the end of February, TTAG noticed a significant drop in our traffic. Silly us, we thought it was the annual seasonal spring fall-off come early. Upon further review, however, it became apparent that the problem was our Facebook-generated traffic. And we weren’t the only firearms-related web site affected. Facebook had, they now tell us, “penalized” us for too much “promotional” content. Only our content mix hadn’t changed. At all. Nor had the content of the other sites involved. And they were all hit at the same time . . .

Strange, no? After being pressed, Facebook tells us that readers had designating our content as “too commercial”. Only they never informed us or the other sites. Who reported us? Good question.

Now we’re trying to determine how many more gun-oriented sites out there have been similarly impacted. The affected group of sites has created a web site — — so other site owners can make themselves known. We’ll then address this more vigorously with the social media giant. Here’s our press release:

AUSTIN, Texas (June 6, 2016) – A coalition of firearms-related organizations – Concealed Nation, The Truth About Guns, Gun Owners of America, USA Carry and Alien Gear Holsters – today revealed that Facebook has been actively suppressing their posts. Based on the coalition’s research into the problem, the suppression began at the end of February.

“We have over 700,000 likes on our Facebook page and tremendous reader response to our material,” said Brandon Curtis, publisher of Concealed Nation. “We didn’t change a thing about the way we post. In February our Facebook traffic fell off a cliff. It sank by nearly 50 percent in that first month.”

Facebook has penalized these organizations’ pages by limiting distribution to user newsfeeds, despite users ‘liking’ the page.

Facebook has admitted to Curtis that the social media giant has suppressed the gun-related pages’ distribution. They claimed their posts had “too much commercial content.”

“I realized our Facebook page wasn’t the only firearm-related website that had experienced a dramatic decrease in traffic,” said Luke McCoy, founder of USA Carry. “I emailed the same account manager at Facebook about our situation. She said that people were claiming our content was overly promotional.”

“Content that would normally reach our nearly one million followers has steadily dropped to a fraction of what it once was, despite our page’s continual growth of new followers,” said Rob Russo, social media manager for Alien Gear Holsters.

Curtis informed Facebook that Concealed Nation, The Truth About Guns and other affected sites’ content was purely editorial. Facebook’s account manager then claimed the pages had been flagged by users. Nearly a month has passed and Facebook has yet to provide further information, and has not given a timeline for any type of resolution.

Despite repeated requests, Facebook has failed to remove the penalties imposed on the sites’ firearms-related pages. Instead, they offered a free seminar on how to increase traffic with the penalties in place.

The publishers are looking to determine the extent of the problem — including the amount of revenue lost due to the fall-off in Facebook-related website traffic. They’re asking owners of gun-related Facebook pages to check their Facebook reach and engagement for 2016 and report their findings at Once they gather the data, they’ll contact participants to share their findings and propose a joint response.

“Facebook is an invaluable resource for Second Amendment supporters trying to spread the message of responsible gun ownership,” Curtis says. “We’re asking Facebook to remove any  penalties on the affected pages, and to create a process that prevents this type of thing from happening again, including a notification system that would notify page owners whose posts are being suppressed. Our readers enjoy and want our content, and it’s frustrating that they are no longer seeing what we post.”

Source: Facebook Suppressing TTAG, Other Firearms Publishers’ Posts – The Truth About Guns

Accessing your internet browsing history is now the FBI’s top legislative priority

Tech firms and privacy groups are fighting back against an amendment proposed by the Obama administration that would give the FBI a top-level view of your “electronic communicational records” (ECTRs) without the need for a warrant.

ECTRs include everything from the web sites you’ve visited to the duration of your browsing on a particular page. It’s all up for grabs as part of a proposal being considered this week by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and legislation is already moving forward to allow national security agents to apply for an administrative subpoena called a “national security letter,” or NSL, that would let agents bypass a judge’s approval to view such information in terrorism and spy cases.

According to FBI Director James Comey, the amendment is a correction to a typo in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act that has hindered the bureau’s ability to work in “a very, very big and practical way.” As such, amending the existing surveillance laws has become the FBI’s “top priority” in 2016.

Source: Accessing your internet browsing history is now the FBI’s top legislative priority – CNET

Idiots Caught on Film Throwing Eggs at Trump Supporters

Anti-Trump protesters caught throwing eggs at Trump supporters in San Diego.

Source: Idiot Caught on Film Throwing Eggs at Trump Supporters – TruthFeed

Hillary Clinton Campaign paying Trump Protesters with Tax-Payer Dollars, ad from

Hillary Clinton Campaign using Tax Dollars to pay Trump Protesters!
If you supports Hillary Clinton, you should seek Psychiatric help for an obvious mental degenerative disorder!

Hillary Paid Protesters

Hillary Paid Protesters 2

APNewsBreak: Official says Prince died of opioid overdose

CHICAGO (AP) — A law-enforcement official tells The Associated Press that tests show the music superstar died of an opioid overdose. The 57-year-old singer was found dead April 21 at his Minneapolis-area estate. The official,…

Source: APNewsBreak: Official says Prince died of opioid overdose

Wine Ice Cream Is Coming, and It Contains Plenty of Alcohol

Wine and ice cream have long been the unofficial mascots of couch-parked movie nights, break-ups, and sweatpants-wearing indulgence in general. Naturally, someone finally decided to put them together. Enter: Winecream—the creation of a Washington D.C.-based ice cream maker who is churning out a wine-infused product that packs buzz without alcoholic flavor.

The treat, which has roughly the alcohol content of a glass of wine but tastes like good-old-fashioned ice cream, was the invention of engineer Dan Gorham and his sister, Katie, who spent a year researching and developing the optimal way to give their frozen treat a 10 percent ABV without making it taste gross. Another unique challenge for the duo was the fact that wine doesn’t freeze in the average freezer, even when mixed with other ingredients. The solution, they found, was liquid nitrogen, which at -300 degrees Fahrenheit froze and fused the wine with the cream.

Source: Wine Ice Cream Is Coming, and It Contains Plenty of Alcohol | Food & Wine

Useless TSA creating lines, scaring away travelers, study says


TSA Lines

Excruciating wait times at security checkpoints at airport across the country are doing more than just exasperating travelers.

According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Travel Association, airports’ long lines are driving 1 in 5 travelers away, potentially costing the travel industry $4.3 billion over the three-month peak summer season.

Twenty-two percent of survey respondents planning on flying this summer said they would either travel by other means or delay or cancel trips because of long airport waits.

“We’re looking at convincing data that says hundreds of thousands of people are potentially reconsidering whether to get on an airplane every single day.”

Another 60% reported they would arrive earlier at the airport, but their travel plans would not change drastically. The remaining 18% said long lines would not change their travel plans at all.

The U.S. Travel Association claims this correlates with big losses in revenue.

“To put these figures in perspective, the problems at TSA security lines are costing our economy almost a billion and a half dollars in spending and more than 12,000 jobs every month,” president and CEO Roger Dow said in a statement.

“We’re looking at convincing data that says hundreds of thousands of people are potentially reconsidering whether to get on an airplane every single day.”

Source: Long TSA lines are scaring away travelers, study says

Morley Safer, Fixture on ’60 Minutes’, Dies at 84 

Longtime CBS News correspondent Morley Safer has died at 84, CBS News announced Thursday.

The news comes days after “60 Minutes,” on which Safer was a fixture for over 40 years, said goodbye to the journalist. He was honored Sunday with a tribute to mark the close of a 61-year career. According to the program, has had the longest-ever run on prime-time television.

CBS announced his retirement last week.

During the hourlong tribute, Safer was described as tough, funny, intrepid, curious and courageous, with reporting that ranged from the Cold War to cyberspace, from the Muppets to the Orient Express.

Source: Morley Safer, Fixture on ’60 Minutes’, Dies at 84 | NBC Southern California

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