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Android Factory Reset Leaves Your Data Exposed: Study – InformationWeek

A burgeoning market in refurbished smartphones can help offset the cost of new devices for you or your employees. But you may want to think twice before letting any of the Android smartphone users in your organization turn their old mobile devices over to the reseller market.

study conducted by two Cambridge University students examined 21 secondhand devices from five different manufacturers running Android OS versions 2.3 to 4.3 that had been wiped using the built-in factory reset. Despite the factory reset, the researchers were able to recover the master token in 80% of the devices, from which they could successfully re-synchronize contacts, emails, and other data.

To improve usability and user engagement, most smartphone apps replace passwords with authentication tokens the first time a user enters his password. After the first password-based authentication, users are automatically logged in with the authentication token. Emails can be retrieved, calendar notifications downloaded, etc., without user intervention.

These tokens are often stored on non-volatile flash storage on the data partition, and their continued presence suggests that consumers will remain exposed to ineffectual data wipes for the foreseeable future.

The team found that viable alternatives to a factory reset for devices running Google’s Android OS each possess certain drawbacks. One such option involved filling up the partition of interest with random-byte files. This alternative was discarded by the researchers because it uses the file system rather than direct flash access, and adds another layer of uncertainty. “Overwriting the entire partition bit-by-bit once did provide logical sanitization for all devices and all partitions we studied; it is therefore a reliable alternative,” the report noted. “The drawback of this method is that it requires privileged [root] access to devices in practice. Therefore, it is likely to put off ordinary users.”

Android Factory Reset Leaves Your Data Exposed: Study – InformationWeek.


When are Carl’s Jr restaurants going to start serving Burgers like those in their commercials?

The size and quality of the actual burgers that you receive in ANY Carls Jr. restaurant is a pathetic MISREPRESENTATION of what is being FALSELY-ADVERTISED in their television commercials.

I’m on a mission to start posting actual samples of the crap being served, in Las Vegas locations anyway, and comparing them to the samples being misrepresented in the commercials!

Attorney Creates Tool to Help Prevent Unfair DUI Arrests

A Florida attorney claims a tool he’s created can help you avoid being falsely arrested for driving under the influence.

Defense attorney Warren Redlich created the Fair DUI Flyer, and recommends holding it up to the window along with your license, registration and proof of insurance when you are pulled over by police.

Redlich was in the news recently when he used the flyer himself at a DUI checkpoint in Boca Raton, Florida.

A critical component of how the flyer operates is in a driver’s refusal to speak to police — a right which is guaranteed by the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution. The front of the flyer reiterates this to police by stating that the driver is exercising their right to remain silent, along with legal code that shows they are also not required to sign anything or hand police their license.

Redlich points out that whether or not a person is arrested for a DUI is often up to an officer’s opinion, rather than whether or not they are actually intoxicated.

Attorney Creates Tool to Help Prevent Unfair DUI Arrests | TruthVoice.

FBI Admits They Haven’t Stopped ANY Terrorism With Patriot Act Spying Power

The FBI just came out and admitted that they haven’t solved a single terrorism case using the spying powers granted by the Patriot Act.

The Justice Department’s inspector general acknowledged this in a report that was released last Thursday. Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz explained that in the years spanning from 2004 to 2009, the FBI increased their spying under Section 215 of the Patriot Act by three times.

This included forcing businesses to turn over records and documents, and spying on Americans with no clear ties to any official terrorist organizations or terrorism investigations.

But in spite of all that added spying, they couldn’t point to one single case that was solved, or one single terrorist act that was thwarted through the use of these Patriot Act provisions. Anything that they solved or prevented was done using traditional techniques and tactics for solving crime, without relying on Patriot Act dirty tricks.

“The agents we interviewed did not identify any major case developments that resulted from use of the records obtained in response to Section 215 orders,” the inspector general said.

He nevertheless said that he wants Section 215 to remain, and that he views the information they gather through it as “valuable” even though it wasn’t actually solving any crimes. He added that the powers under Section 215 should be expanded, to provide even more information like that which they have been gathering – which admittedly has not solved any crimes, or prevented any terrorist attacks.

“While the expanded scope of these requests can be important uses of Section 215 authority, we believe these expanded uses require continued significant oversight,” Horowitz concluded.

FBI Admits They Haven’t Stopped ANY Terrorism With Patriot Act Spying Power.


Carl’s Jr. has expressly spent the past few weeks proving to the Internet that their culinary team must be high off the finest marijuana that California has to offer. Seriously, they just made it website-official that they are now selling a Hostess Ding Dong ICE CREAM SANDWICH. The last time something like that crossed my mind I was mouth deep in a bong the size of super soaker.

Following the news, we jumped over to Carl’s Jr. to try it (and get the shitty picture you see above).

Just like their Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwich (I told you they got the best dealer in town), their advertising positions it as “hand-scooped ice cream” shoved inside a Hostess Ding Dong. I’m sure the ice cream in the sandwich was “hand-scooped” at some point in time, but I doubt that’s happening in store considering the cashier handed it to me in a sealed plastic bag.


BREAKING: White Female Cop Shot Dead by Black Thug… Zero Businesses Burned, Al Sharpton no where to be found!

Omaha Police Officer killed by Black Thug, No Businesses Burned and Al Sharpton is nowhere to be found!

Omaha Police Officer killed by Black Thug, No Businesses Burned and Al Sharpton is nowhere to be found!

On Wednesday, Omaha Police Officer Kerrie Orozco, 29, was gunned down by a black thug only hours before she was slated to go on maternity leave.

A team of officers including Orozco were reportedly attempting to serve a felony arrest warrant to fugitive thug Marcus D. Wheeler when he began firing at them.

Orozco was hit, and though paramedics rushed to the scene and performed CPR on her, she sadly did not make it and died around 1 pm at a nearby hospital.

Wheeler, a convicted felon and known gang member, was also hit, but he managed to survive and will get to see his family again. The same cannot be said for Officer Kerrie Orozco, who is survived by her husband and three children.

What happened to Orozco is beyond sickening. She knew the risks, but most certainly did not deserve to die like this. Yet the city of Omaha continues to function, businesses continue to run smoothly and citizens continue to act with respect, decency and sanity.

Unlike in Baltimore, where residents destroyed hundreds of businesses after a black man died in police custody, and unlike in Ferguson, where residents practically torched their city after an officer was acquitted for justifiably shooting a black thug, in Omaha citizens apparently trust the justice system to get the job done right.

Furthermore, there’s something missing from Omaha that was present in both Baltimore and Ferguson — the liberal mainstream media.

In both Baltimore and Ferguson, the liberal media rushed to the scene to incite racial tension. But in Omaho after the death of a white cop … crickets (H/T The Gateway Pundit).

It goes without saying that the leftist media cares very little about upstanding white officers killed by black thugs.

It doesn’t fit their race-baiting narrative, and the truth is that the only thing liberal media charlatans really care about is propping up their narrative.

BREAKING: White Female Cop Shot Dead by Black Thug… Zero Businesses Burned.

MLB Umpire Marvin Hudson becomes Laughing Stock of Baseball with his #UMPShow Bryce Harper Ejection

Washington Nationals ticket: $60.

Bryce Harper jersey T-shirt: $30.

Seeing Marvin Hudson eject Harper in the third inning: Absolutely ridiculous.

Harper joined Yordano Ventura as the only players to twice be ejected this season after Hudson tossed the scorching-hot slugger in Wednesday’s game after Hudson decided to put on what Twitter refers to as an #umpshow.

Harper took the 0-0 breaking ball below the knees, but Hudson missed the pitch and called it a strike. Harper chirped a little but was back in the batter’s box when Hudson suddenly turned to the Nationals bench. Harper stepped out and the situation escalated until Harper pointed to the box and put his foot on the edge of the box.

Goodbye, Bryce. Go grab dinner.

Bryce Harper gets raw deal on latest ejection – SweetSpot – ESPN.

You can now watch the ‘Netflix for pirated movies’ right from your web browser

Custom Burger Blends That Will Dominate Grilling Season | Food Republic

Burger King debuts RED VELVET OREO Shake

Burger King is adding a new milkshake to its line of beverages and we definitely give them props for the creativity. The burger chain has introduced a new Red Velvet Oreo Shake on its menu.

A chocolate shake mixed with red cream cheese, the new drink is mixed together with Oreo cookie crumbles. The idea sounds delicious, but we wonder how it’s gonna taste.

The Red Velvet Oreo Shake will be available at all participating Burger King locations for a limited time only. Expect to pay a price similar to Burger King’s original Vanilla Oreo Shake.


Burger King Now Has A RED VELVET OREO Shake.

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