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Land in South Dakota wind trough available for turbine leasing.

I have land outside Tabor, SD in the wind trough that I would be interested in leasing to a wind generating company. 20 acres of available space in my section 2 miles NE of Tabor. 305th & 427th.
Contact me at KLastovica@Yahoo.Com

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FIRST Food & Bar opens to thousands in Las Vegas

First Food & Bar opens to thousands in Las Vegas

Finally a bar & grill in a casino on The Strip that doesn’t charge $86.00 for a Bacon Cheeseburger. First Food & Bar on the second floor of The Palazzo, behind the Grand Canal shops of Venetian & The Shoppes @ Palazzo and directly above the Walgreens. Thursday night was the Grand Opening of this creatively-new venue with an attendance well over 3000.

Grand Opening - Entrance Podium

Grand Opening - Entrance Podium

Upon signing in to a guest list that resembled a Webster’s Dictionary, you make your way down the hall and are greeting by several lovely ladies with trays of champagne and wine. Samples of the uniquely-prepared comfort food were floating about the room for the first few hours. Philly Cheese Steak Dumplings and Barbeque Eggrolls along side fully-dressed Gourmet Sliders.

Champagne Fountain

Champagne Fountain

There was no problem finding a beverage to wash the excellent food down. To one side was a free-flowing champagne fountain and up the stairs, at the open bar, the sky was the limit. All top shelf labels as far as the eye could see greeting the bulging eyes of patrons as they continuously see ‘No Sale’ flashing on the cash register. The layout using a DJ in one corner, makes one think that the venue will be broken up into three sections and treated as a way to get away from the music if you need to. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook Treasure Island and The Strip from the VIP booths. Wondering down the stretch of booths, you pass a street-style hot dog cart serving up mini hot dogs.

Then comes what could be called a ‘Back Room’ of sorts. An ‘F’ sculpted out of ice has Tuaca cocktails poured through the center. Above, a chandelier made from old Pepsi glass bottles stuns the imagination as you look at the hundreds of photos covering the walls alongside a huge plasma TV. Trays of champagnes & wine continuously find you wherever you are.

This venue could definitely strike a different note with locals and tourists alike. With the plans calling for an additional bar and pool tables, this could be just what the doctor ordered instead of going to a nightclub. A follow-up feature will be forth coming in the near future.

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