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Wine Ice Cream Is Coming, and It Contains Plenty of Alcohol

Wine and ice cream have long been the unofficial mascots of couch-parked movie nights, break-ups, and sweatpants-wearing indulgence in general. Naturally, someone finally decided to put them together. Enter: Winecream—the creation of a Washington D.C.-based ice cream maker who is churning out a wine-infused product that packs buzz without alcoholic flavor.

The treat, which has roughly the alcohol content of a glass of wine but tastes like good-old-fashioned ice cream, was the invention of engineer Dan Gorham and his sister, Katie, who spent a year researching and developing the optimal way to give their frozen treat a 10 percent ABV without making it taste gross. Another unique challenge for the duo was the fact that wine doesn’t freeze in the average freezer, even when mixed with other ingredients. The solution, they found, was liquid nitrogen, which at -300 degrees Fahrenheit froze and fused the wine with the cream.

Source: Wine Ice Cream Is Coming, and It Contains Plenty of Alcohol | Food & Wine


Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches Just Completely Ruined Having Any Other Breakfast (Photos)

As if the world weren’t already a better place with the genius creations of churro ice cream sandwiches and homemadeNutella-filled Pop Tarts, someone created donut ice cream sandwiches.

Now, there’s a huge chance you might’ve thought of this before and may have even attempted to make one at home.

But you’ve probably never thought of having one of these for breakfast. All-in-all, you’re getting everything you need. I say you pair it with coffee and nickname it the “filet mignon of the morning” because that’s exactly what it is.

Thanks to Paper & Stitch, a well-versed and crafty food blog, we now know that waffles and pancakes just don’t cut it anymore.

We need something better; something delicious. The step-by-step process is pretty simple. Grab some ice cream (or make your own), grab a batch of fresh, glazed donuts (or make your own) and construct your donut-ice cream sandwich.

Check out the mouthwatering photos below for a closer look! Now THIS is food porn.

Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches Just Completely Ruined Having Any Other Breakfast (Photos).

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