How to make Keurig coffee when you’re out of K-Cups

Keurig and other single-cup, one-button-press coffee makers aren’t exactly known for amazing coffee. Rather, they’re praised for their convenience.

But what happens when you’re out of K-Cups and you have no other way to brew your morning coffee? You get creative, of course.

Learn how to brew coffee with the Keurig even when you’re out of pods.

What you will need

While making coffee is a reasonably simple process, you will need a few items to pull off a makeshift K-Cup.

  • A used K-Cup pod
  • Aluminum foil
  • Whole bean coffee or coffee grounds

Additionally, you may need your own coffee filter. Some K-Cups use instant coffee, which do not require a filter. If you do not see a filter inside the pod, you will need to grab one from the stack for your drip machine or pour over cone.

Also, if you have a Keurig 2.0, this will not work without installing a Freedom Clip first, which allows you to circumvent Keurig’s DRM and brew anything you want.

Making your own K-Cup

Hopefully, you didn’t have to dig a used K-Cup out of the trash. Either way, you will need to remove the foil from the top of the K-Cup, dump the coffee grounds into the trash and thoroughly rinse out the pod.

If there is no attached filter inside, take a #4 pour over cone filter or a standard drip machine filter and cut it to size. Just make sure the filter reaches the top of the K-Cup. It’s even alright if the filter is a bit too tall and is wrapped over the rim of the pod. This makes cleanup easier, as it should lift all the grounds out of the cup.

Source: How to make Keurig coffee when you’re out of K-Cups – CNET


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