NFL’s TightAss Goodell will not pay man for only SuperBowl I tapes

No full recording of the original broadcast of Super Bowl I exists because in the 1960s networks rarely saved their tapes. But one man owns what is believed to be the closest thing to a full recording, tapes his late father made of most of the game, minus commercials, some plays that came right after commercial breaks, halftime and some of the third quarter.

That man, Troy Haupt, asked the NFL for $1 million for his dad’s old tapes. The NFL replied that it would give him $30,000. When Haupt spurned that offer, the NFL stopped talking to Haupt entirely, other than to warn him that if he sells the tapes to a third party, he’ll be violating the league’s copyright and the NFL will go after him.

So now, as reported by the New York Times, Haupt is stuck with tapes that have a lot of value in theory, but none in practice: When you own something that can only be legally sold to one company, and that company is refusing to buy it, you don’t have any good options.

Source: NFL won’t pay man who has most of Super Bowl I on tape | ProFootballTalk


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