Food Tastes Better When You’re Drunk, New Study

What tastes better than a greasy cheeseburger after a night of drinking? A greasy cheeseburger, an entire pizza, and more beer.

In case you wondered why you were always plagued by the drunchies every Friday night at 3am, science is giving you a legitimate answer. According to a new study from Indiana University’s School of Medicine’s Departments of Medicine and Neurology, food actually tastes better when you’re drunk.

Led by William JA Eiler II, PhD, researchers selected 35 non-smoking, non-vegetarian women of average weight to participate in the study, and had them come in for two visits. On the first day, participants were given alcohol and the second, a placebo.

From there is where the magic happened. According to Vice,

Then, the women were exposed to food and non-food aromas, and their brain responses were measured using MRI scans. After enjoying (or perhaps not enjoying) the various smells, the subjects were offered a lunch of either “pasta with Italian meat sauce” (ahem, we think they mean Bolognese) or beef with noodles.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, as anyone with a penchant for late-night mac and cheese-making knows, about two-thirds of the tipsy crew ate more than the placebo group. (Noodles do make a delightful drunk snack.) One possible explanation for this difference was revealed in the brain scans: the hypothalamus, which controls metabolism, was more responsive to the food smells after the women were intravenously dosed with booze.

While the study is the first of its kind, it didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. Bring on the alcohol and bring on the greasy food!

Food Tastes Better When You’re Drunk, New Study.


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