5 Reasons Why Women Love Assh*les Even Though The Nice Guy Is Worth Waiting For

We are all guilty of falling for that charming guy who keeps glaring at us from across the room. He stands tall among his friends – confident, interested, coy and daring. Your heart rushes when he glances at you and offers a half smile. Before you know it, the assh*le has your attention.

What is it about these men that women find so irresistible? Why do they keep reeling us in? I’ve dated one in my life, I admit. Post-breakup and all, I was searching for something I didn’t really know I wanted – love, I guess.

He was that guy. The charmer. He made me smile, laugh, broke me down and made me feel whole again. But, that didn’t last long. The fighting, the trust issues and the ego trips quickly revealed themselves. Yep, I fell in love with the ash*le.

There’s something about these people. But the real reason we keep finding them in our lives is that we want them there. Here are the five truths behind why women love assh*les:

5 Reasons Why Women Love Assh*les Even Though The Nice Guy Is Worth Waiting For.


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