A Great Example Of How To Handle Police As A Photographer

You will, very likely, get questioned by law enforcement at some point in your photography career, especially if you’re photographing anything in public. It actually happened to me this weekend. There’s just something about a visual recording device used by citizens (photographers) that seems to cause a general unrest among the widespread umbrella of ‘law enforcement.’

Why that is, one can really only speculate. Speaking of speculations, some of the more common suppositions are that many police officers are actually unaware of the real laws and fear being recorded to prove that, or that simply, they neither know nor care if they do, and don’t want their actions recorded. The list continues, but no need to dwell on it here. Suffice to say thatinteractions with police can often be jarring and unnerving, and there appears to be a fine line between nobly standing your ground, and being arrested or worse.

A Great Example Of How To Handle Police As A Photographer.


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