The Next Type Of WiFi: Wireless Electricity Is Now Possible Thanks To New Startup

Dr. Katie Hall couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a light-bulb glowing with no wires attached.

It was just an experiment in a small room filled with giant refrigerator coils, but the light still glowed as she walked in and out between the coils and the bulb.

Hall is now the Chief Technology Officer at WiTricity, a startup developing wireless electricity.

The company built what is known as a Source Resonator: a coil of wire that generates a magnetic field in the air when power is attached.

Should another coil be placed nearby, no wires are required for a charge to be generated.

And don’t worry about getting electrocuted.

Hall assures that the magnetic fields are “perfectly” safe, an assertion we’ll trust considering they’re the same kind used in WiFi routers.

Wire-free energy transfer could soon be as easy as wireless Internet.

Smartphones could charge in your pockets, and electric cars wouldn’t have to leave the driveway to refuel.

According to CNN, WiTricity has already successfully powered laptops, cell phones and TVs by resonator coils attached to batteries.

But it was medical technology that Hall first thought of when she saw the wireless bulb.

WiTricity is currently working with a medical supplies company to recharge a pump that goes in the left ventricle of the heart.

The Next Type Of WiFi: Wireless Electricity Is Now Possible Thanks To New Startup | Elite Daily.


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