French Cops Confiscated A Weed So Powerful, Being On The Same Floor As It Is Getting Them High

The luckiest of Generation-Y have had the privilege of trying some of the strongest, most potent marijuana in the country.

But has anybody ever heard of bud with a smell strong enough to get an entire police station high, even causing their drug tests to turn up positive?

According to the Huffington Post, French police recently seized 40 kilograms of weed that is currently sitting in a Roubaix police station.

This stuff is reportedly so pungent that it’s actually getting some of the officers high, simply by being on the same floor.

“Already on the ground floor it smells a bit. But on the first floor, the odor is really strong. When you go there, you clearly smell the weed. And after a day, you are stoned” an unidentified officer told French news site 20 Minutes.

The enormous stash, however, wouldn’t be sitting in a police station if the agency responsible for collecting confiscated drugs weren’t on strike.

“My colleagues are really bothered,” a police union spokesman explained.

“They complain of nausea, headaches.”

“Some, worried or for fun, tested themselves,” he said, adding that most of the drug tests came back positive.

The French government is largely opposed to marijuana reform but is not going out of its way to make sure all of the country’s marijuana is collected accordingly.

The aforementioned drug collection agency claims it is understaffed and needs more money to do its job, but these demands most likely will not be filled since the guys in charge of confiscating weed shouldn’t really be able to call this a job in the first place.

French Cops Confiscated A Weed So Powerful, Being On The Same Floor As It Is Getting Them High | Elite Daily.


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