A Weed Cake In Spain Was So Powerful, It Left A Man In A Coma And Ten People Hospitalized

A Spanish college student fell into a coma yesterday afternoon after eating a birthday cake laced with weed made by a few of his friends.

While it’s unclear whether the cake is solely responsible for the coma, nine other people at the party were also taken into care for similar symptoms, the most outstanding of which was “irregular heartbeat,” according to the Kansas City Star.

A tenth party-goer was affected by the cake but not treated, a student who we can assume is especially known for handling his sh*t.

The party took place at Madrid’s Alfonso X University. Dean of students Jose Dominguez de Pasada said the students were all males aged 18 to 22, the Star reports, most of whom are currently studying veterinary sciences.

Weed is basically legal in Spain, as the police over there will only take you in for smoking in public or having so much on you that you could be selling.

But there’s virtually nothing they can do if you’re just burning one down in somebody’s house.

We’d be buying our plane tickets right now if Spain’s government didn’t have to go ahead and make abortion illegal last week.

Considering the students were studying veterinary sciences, we’re not entirely convinced the cake they ate contained only weed. Did the students sneak some horse tranquilizers from the lab?

All we know is you can’t die from eating weed edibles, unlike what this police officer thought.

via: Kansas City StarH/t: Gawker, Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr

A Weed Cake In Spain Was So Powerful, It Left A Man In A Coma And Ten People Hospitalized | Elite Daily.


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