Gentlemen, Why The Number Of Men She’s Slept With Doesn’t Matter

“What’s your number?” is a question that many of us both dread and answer dishonestly. While it’s an unproved theory, some say that women divide their number of sexual partners by three while men multiply by two, which suddenly turns the question into a math equation rather than a conversation.

Truthfully, within the past two years, I haven’t had the balls to answer this question without hesitation. Something holds me back and makes my throat extra dry, as if I were attempting the saltine cracker challenge 1,854,657 subsequent times.

The second to last time I spoke those three words was the last time I saw “her.” We faced each other with an unbreakable eye contact that could have lasted for days. Her blue eyes shone like flashlights, switching colors as several Milwaukee buildings reflected in her pupils.

It was one of those silent looks that made all the noise in the world. After asking, everything changed. Her way-too-adorable smile instantly disappeared.

My immature double standards kicked in to judge her for a past of which I was not a part. But, who the hell am I to judge a woman based on the number of people with whom she has slept  — who the hell is any man to do so? I still struggle to disregard the quantitative value, but I earnestly seek to improve this mentality.

Gentlemen, Why The Number Of Men She’s Slept With Doesn’t Matter | Elite Daily.


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