Rebound Sex And Revenge Sex Fresh Off A Breakup Are Just Part Of Science

Research has confirmed what we’ve known all along about post-breakup behavior: rebound sex is real.

According to Live Science, researchers at the University of Missouri found that up to one-third of college students who had recently ended a relationship had sex with another person within a month of the split.

People who had been dumped were the most likely to actively seek out rebound sex out of anger and stress.

“People really do use sex as a way to get over or get back at their ex-partner in the aftermath of a breakup,” said study researcher and psychologist Lynne Cooper.

Cooper told Live Science that she became interested in rebound sex due to the way it is portrayed in the movies and online.

“Google ‘rebound’ or ‘revenge sex,’” she said. “You wouldn’t believe how much stuff is on the Internet about it. It’s really striking.”

We always suspected people had rebound sex, but there was never any scientific data to support how common it truly is among the average young adult. Cooper wanted to find out whether the stereotypes surrounding rebound sex were real along with why people seek out sex right after a breakup.

Rebound Sex And Revenge Sex Fresh Off A Breakup Are Just Part Of Science | Elite Daily.


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