Why I Want My Kids To Smoke Weed

Taboos are not easily shed. To many people, hoping that your kids smoke weed is as twisted and disconcerting as damning your unborn child to hell. It has a malicious and juvenile ring to it, sliding off the tongue, dripping in innuendos and scathing connotations, the way a curse comes out the first time a 12-year-old gets feisty enough to fire it.

Contrary to the uneasy 12-year-old, this declaration isn’t made in malice, foolery or for attention. It’s a simple statement, one said in passing only to think about more seriously in the confines of my apartment. Do I actually hope my kids will smoke weed? In the same way I hope they will do well in school and eat their vegetables? In the way I hope they will be free thinkers and appreciate Woody Allen films?

In the way I hope they’ll like books and black olives? While I do not hope my children would ever be smoking pot at the same time I’m trying to get them to eat their vegetables, I have concluded that I hope when every other kid starts legally drinking at 21, my kids take up the reefer, instead. 

Why I Want My Kids To Smoke Weed | Elite Daily.


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