Finding A Job You Love: Why Life Shouldn’t Begin When Work Ends

Generation-Y is not as different from previous generations as most would think. There are, of course, many differences, but there are also many similarities between our generation and the generation of our parents. One major similarity that has unfortunately yet to change is the way that work is perceived. For some reason, work is looked down upon as something that cannot be avoided, can rarely be enjoyed, and as a separation from our lives rather than an addition to them.

There are people now — as there always have been — who don’t work for the sake of working or simply because they need to make money in order to pay for the necessities in life. However, the dominant view is that work, although it can be enjoyed from time to time, is not something that can be loved, something fun.

This may come as a surprise to you because Generation-Y, our generation, proudly emphasizes the need to find a job that is loved. The problem is that most people will still end up settling for work that is less than desirable; most people find themselves working dead-end jobs and hating every second of it. There will always be those who will be comfortable in a secure, easy, simple and boring job — and that’s fine.

Finding A Job You Love: Why Life Shouldn’t Begin When Work Ends | Elite Daily.


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