Public Places Ban on Smoking Cigarettes, E-Cigs in Manhattan Beach Starts This Month

Manhattan Beach Strand

Manhattan Beach Strand

The Smoke-Free Public Places ordinance becomes effective on July 18, but will not be enforced until Aug. 18 while the city conducts a public outreach campaign.

On June 17, 2014 the Manhattan Beach City Council voted to adopt Ordinance 14-0008 to prohibit smoking in all public places in the City of Manhattan Beach, and prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes wherever smoking is not allowed.

Manhattan Beach’s existing Municipal Code includes a smoking ban on beaches and the Pier, in parks, in places of employment, along The Strand, and on Veterans Parkway. Based on research and concerns about public health, safety and welfare, as well as pollution from cigarette litter, this ordinance was expanded to include all public places and the use of electronic cigarettes.


Ban on Smoking Cigarettes, E-Cigs in Manhattan Beach Starts This Month – Government – Manhattan Beach, CA Patch.

Concierge Doctor Comes To Your House With An IV And Cures Your Hangover

Would you pay over $200 to rid yourself of your worst hangover?

If so (and you live in the Hamptons or New York, for now), a new service called The I.V. Doc is here to make your request a reality.

The hangover “therapy” involves a “discrete luxury service of intravenous hydration” in the form of an IV inserted into your blood stream from the comfort of your own home.

There are various recovery options for your hangover.

The Cleanse treatment is perfect to replenish basic electrolytes and fluids quickly ($199), the Detox treatment is ideal for headache or nausea ($219), the Refresh treatment gets you up and ready for work the next day ($229) and Revive is for deathbed relief ($249).

There Is A Doctor Who Will Come To Your House With An IV And Cure Your Hangover.

This Antenna Allows You To Text Friends Even Without A Signal

Well, music festivals and clubs just got a whole lot easier to navigate now that goTenna exists. This external device seeks to eliminate the stressful problem of trying to text your friends in a crowd when there is no cell reception available.

The start-up company behind this is relying on low energy Bluetooth signals alongside a companion app to send messages between people who have goTenna synced to their smartphones.

Best Or Worst Invention Ever? This Antenna Allows You To Text Friends Even Without A Signal.

How to Photograph the SuperMoon

When the full moon coincides with the closest point between the moon and Earth in the lunar orbit, a supermoon occurs.

In 2014, the moon will appear unusually bright and full on the following dates:

  • Saturday, July 12 at 11:25 UTC
  • Sunday, August 10 at 18:09 UTC
  • Tuesday, September 9 at 1:38 UTC

The true supermoon in 2014 will occur on August 10, when the moon will 221,765 miles (or 356,896km) from Earth. It’s a great excuse to get out, take some photographs and experiment, as the moon may appear bigger and brighter than usual.

To work out the exact time when the moon will be closest to the Earth in your timezone, use this siteand enter your location.

Here are some tips for photographing the supermoon in all its glory.

How to photograph the supermoon – CNET.

8 Common Misconceptions Of Bisexuality That Need To Be Gone

Most people don’t understand the intricacies of being of sexually fluid; if they did, we wouldn’t be cast off to the side like a matchless sock, or worse, heralded as a sex accessory.

Allow me to break down some of the common misconceptions of being bisexual: Just because I’m bisexual…

Doesn’t mean I’m confused.

8 Common Misconceptions Of Bisexuality That Need To Be Gone.

What Women Really Want: 4 Things Every Woman Needs In A Relationship

To all the men out there who don’t understand women:

NEWSFLASH: We don’t understand you.

Maybe if we can all communicate a little better, we can finally get ourselves on the same page and, in turn, not end up in these consecutive tried-and-failed relationships.

I’d like to believe that through observing the relationships of my friends, engaging in several of my own relationships and trying to openly understand all different types of people and connections, I think I have a good grasp on what women truly want. However, I do not intend to offend any woman who may not agree. Here are four major needs that are general to all women:

We want to be wanted.

What Women Really Want: 4 Things Every Woman Needs In A Relationship.

Motley Crue New Song ‘All Bad Things Must End’


Motley Crue‘s ‘Final Tour’ is under way, and the band recently rocked Milwaukee’s annual Summerfest at the Marcus Amphitheatre. While video was scarce of the new song ‘All Bad Things Must End’ from the concert opener in Grand Rapids, fan-shot footage of the song from the Milwaukee July 4 show has found its way online (watch above). In addition, the band has revealed a good portion of the studio track in the tour promo video below.

Check Out Motley Crue’s New Song ‘All Bad Things Must End’.

Kegel Exercise Machine Rewards Hard Work With Some Good Vibrations

Kegel Exercise Machine

Kegel Exercise Machine

kGoal is a new device that rewards you for exercising your Kegel muscles with a nice vibration in your vagina.

Who said exercising sucks?

This Kegel Exercise Machine Rewards Hard Work With Some Good Vibrations (Video).

You’ll Never Peel A Mango The Same Way Again After Seeing This


Easiest Way To Peel A Mango

Easiest Way To Peel A Mango

Have you been struggling to peel mangos your whole life? Making a mess? Or accidentally cutting your finger?

They’re tricky little fruits. But this video shows us a new way to peel them, and you’ll never have to deal with all the hassle again.

All you need is a glass, a mango and this quick, 8-second tutorial above.

It has me wondering if I could try this technique on other fruits or vegetables. Avocados, maybe?

Watch how easy the process looks! Life just became exponentially easier. Now, those extra 15 seconds you’d normally dedicate to extracting mangos’ succulent goodness can be used to do other things, like set up a game of Parcheesi.

The MLB All-Star Game Will Unveil First Ever Self-Serve Beer Stations At The Ball Park

I think I speak for America when I say: It’s about damn time! The 2014 MLB All-Star game is in Minnesota next week, and while these games are pretty cool to watch, fans at Target Field will be extra inebriated thanks to these ingenious self-serve beer machines.

Fully equipped with LED menus, the brand new Draft Serv has fans doing all the work by pouring their own brews and spilling drinks all over the place. What a novelty!

The MLB All-Star Game Will Unveil First Ever Self-Serve Beer Stations At The Ball Park.


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